Experiencing Plenum The International boarding school in Chandigarh

by Arick Dm I am a Digital Marketing Professional with 5 Years

Although still young, I was experiencing a “mid-life crisis “in my professional life at International boarding school in Chandigarh.  I wanted to experience life as a teacher and as a professional both. However, I felt suffocated sometimes. IT is a wonderful, modern, ever changing and dynamic industry. Here I was, a young, talented and smart Assistant Professor of Computer Science at a big college. I felt I wasn’t getting the opportunity to teach the way IT/Computer Science needs to be taught. My students were all eager to learn. But I felt caged by bureaucratic hierarchy. Now, Computer Science is so new and doesn’t really respect hierarchy. FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) market capitalisation is more than that of India’s GDP. Imagine. We were just too uptight. But I had never stepped out of my dear Pilani in Rajasthan.

 At such an interesting crossroads of my professional life, I had an interesting conversation to join an up and coming school in the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh. Normally we do not expect “interviews” to be conducted in such a fashion. The “interview/discussion” was all about making me comfortable. The entire discussion was about songs, travelling, my parents, me as a person and some bit of what I knew professionally. I could feel that it was a unique institution. It would be a privilege to work there. When I was told of the vision to set up “The Best School” in India, I could well appreciate it. That, The Plenum School, an International boarding school in Chandigarh is a 100% Boarding and 100% International Co-Educational school added to my curiosity. One thing I began becoming sure of, whatever it is, The Plenum School is unique and different.

With dreams of an exciting life ahead, I drove to The Plenum School, a Cambridge boarding international school, on April 3rd. The 7 hour drive got me to Himachal Pradesh and my first brush with greenery, trees, serenity and wonderful beauty of the Himalayas. I unpacked and was allotted a room. Unfortunately, I felt homesick and cold. I fell sick and cranky. I missed Pilani and my dear wife. At times I felt that I had committed a mistake.

However, my first experience with students and teachers was amazingly supportive. Everyone went out of their way to make me comfortable. I hindsight I feel that this is the spirit of The Plenum School, best residential school. Great Institutions are built on great ideas and a wonderful group of people who believe in these ideas and ideals.  My colleagues, Umang and Dr. Pradeep Sharma, were very gracious. They tolerated my whims with a smile. It made me realise the strength of what makes The Plenum School, the best school in India. If employees/teachers felt so strongly about the institution to treat it as their own, such a school will always overcome anything. The students were naughty, as they should be. But they were also very giving. They made me feel like a rock star. I realised the difference between college going students and school students. The bonds a teacher can develop with younger students are much deeper.

I was also exposed to a global curriculum. Cambridge is the worlds’ best pedagogy, being taught in nearly 100 odd countries worldwide. The global scale, reach and understanding makes Cambridge board a very modern, topical, relevant and exciting thing. You learn as you teach. What I liked most about it is that Cambridge is one of the best boards out there which is child centric and also provides the all-round development of students. With nearly 90 subjects to choose from, it caters to just about every conceivable student.

This school resides in-between two beautiful mountains fully covered with trees and an amazing stream flowing and abutting this beautiful school. There are many streams both big and small and a humungous variety of flora and fauna. I look up at a beautiful starlit night and wonder at the bounties of mother nature. I have become more relaxed, more understanding and more humane within six months. I sometimes wonder, how our students will become in the six to seven years that they will stay here. What profound changes in their personality and intellect will come about by their sheer presence here? The Plenum School, the Best International Boarding School experience will be transformative for them. With such a talented and caring faculty to guide them, a wonderful zero pollution environment and the world’s best Pedagogy-what else can a student ask for.

 The Plenum School, the best residential school, has taught me a lot in this short span of time. It is pay-back time now. I engage more and more with students and teachers. I work with a passion, I had not known existed in me. I feel this is “my school”.  I have realised that the best school is made of the best people. I am trying to be the very best that I can be.

I invite all readers to come and experience Plenum. I am sure that you would also love it the way I do.



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