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by The Cathedral Vidya School The Cathedral Vidya School

Education is not at all what it used to be years ago. With the advancement and excellence of human capacities, core basic requirements and priorities of mankind to have advanced at an unimaginable pace. Academic knowledge and children’s capabilities are no longer restricted to the age or genes of a child. In the last decade, we have seen such excellence and child prodigies from entrepreneurs to scientists. The other day, there was an article about a child in Hyderabad, who is teaching engineers to code. So, teaching is also not restricted to age anymore.

In such a scenario, we understand that the academic needs of today’s children are beyond comprehension and limits. As teachers, we see the international bodies of education, develop advanced academic programs for children right from their first step at school. International schools are places where children are doing everything very early, right from lab experiments to creating and executing real-life projects in the classroom and at school. Children are permitted to read and write and watch videos, documentaries, and movies and do as much as they want to explore and then their analysis is considered for to gauge their knowledge, understanding, and performance.

Schools have moved from the chalk and blackboard to touch screen smart boards and tab-based classrooms. Mental math is no longer the criteria, the application matters. With the kind of advanced lifestyle and acquiring everything, we need at the touch of a button. Children are way more independent and the freshness of their minds can create advanced and unimaginable solutions to age old problems.  All this is happening in boarding school in Mumbai which is like fertilized soil for the ideal crops in season.

We are looking at a future with highly intelligent children who will live with artificial intelligence as a core part of their daily lives or it can be said that they are growing with the application and support of artificial intelligence like never before.

The education system in today’s time has taken the biggest transformation in recent years. Indeed the very integration of the modern pedagogy in the education system has changed the future outcome of education and the possibilities for our children.

Undeniably, the career choices across the globe have transformed into limitless avenues for independent development; and research is the new found land for excellence in unique careers unlike ever before. With such a radical shift in the world of education and application of academics, parents can only choose the kind of schooling and grooming they desire to gift their children.  The thoughts and perceptions are transmitting to allow the students to explore, question and delve deeper into the theoretical concepts.

We have seen such advanced development in children at school these days since the inception of the international curricula in schools, which ultimately has encouraged the students to let go of the fear of learning and learn at his or her own pace. The International residential schools are free of individual parental restrictions and criticism or parental apprehensions. The academics in international residential school Mumbai provide children the capacity and ground to learn everything that they are interested in; with peer support, they are able to also learn those concepts which they found difficult earlier. Teachers are also available around the campus to help students. The criticism and pressure are taken away and replaced with motivation, support system, and assistance to encourage the students to overcome their fears and complete their assignments.

Assignment based assessments have also erased the need to rote learn. Education today, is knowledge-based, ability and application based. It is not how much one knows about a subject, it’s about how to use that knowledge, however little or deep it is. A child takes up aeronautics and another takes up visual arts, these are two absolutely different courses yet very highly prospective career options. So, if your math and science aren’t that strong, it no longer means the end of the world of opportunities for the children of today. Those children who study IGCSE and A Levels or IB Diploma Program have so many opportunities lying ahead of them, which enables them to apply for various courses and universities from science to humanities. The restrictions are few and the opportunities are accompanied by high incentives.

If you are a parent of a child in Grade  4 or 5 or maybe your child is in Grade 10  come to discover the subjects and the practical hands-on teaching and learning methodology which ensures your child completes his or her basic academic certifications at a pace of their own. The competition is with yourself and not the 99% holder. Here your child will be writing a research paper or thesis as early as in Grade 1 0 or 11.

With an international boarding school, your child gets the reasons to explore and discover an entirely new world of creativity, apart from the high-quality education, which helps them to adjust well with the global culture and lifestyle. Children, when groomed in an International Residential School, can live, study and settle down anywhere in the world. The passport is no longer the only document which enables this flight but it is the life at an International residential School which books your flight to the best of academic institutions and careers all over the world. It doesn’t matter which curriculum your child is currently studying, he or she will be assisted to bridge the gap and join the fleet. The national curriculum be it CBSE, ICSE or SSC, is very good but there we have to make some rigid decisions which restrict the academic path to certain subjects and options only.

However, in the chaos of existing boarding school, there is one school which is considered as one of the most sought-after international boarding schools and that is none other than CVSL- an IB curriculum school in Pune.

The reasons are:

Academic qualifications gained here are recognized in the best of schools, colleges and universities, in India and abroad.

The major focus at CVSL is being given to learning rather than simply teaching or memorizing. A variety of modern teaching pedagogies are applied for students to groom their basic concepts.

The International Academic Curricula at The Cathedral Vidya School is integrated with a global standard of application and learning outcome, so students don’t just get the national education system, but are also prepared to cope with their Pre University preparations. The British National Curriculum, popularly known as the National Curriculum prepares the students ideally for excellence in Grade 10 where the students pass through the IGCSE Curriculum and then they prepare for their SAT and IELTS along with the IB Diploma Program. The benefits of an IB Diploma Program at The Cathedral Vidya School are endless but the experienced faculty here is the perk - For they prepare the children for a long route ahead of them, which enable them to begin their career in Aeronautics, Engineering, Drones and other advanced AI based industries.

At CVSL- best IB board schools Mumbai, every teaching and non-teaching staff, ensures that they nurture the talent and aid students to get better exposure to not only academic grooming but an overall holistic development.

Last, but not the least, with the international boarding school, your child experiences and prepares for the real-world, efficiently.

A Word About Cathedral Vidya School

CVSL- The Cathedral Vidya School, best boarding schools Mumbai is proud to have contributed to the great minds of prominent dignitaries of the world, who not just received the education, but also nurtured their talent, which helps them to contribute to Art, History, and Culture and to Humanity as a whole.

If you want your child to embrace the modern teaching pedagogical practice through the best and finest academicians, then you must not delay your call to connect with the Admission Team at: 

Call: +91 9923756950 , +91 8007221100

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