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Spine surgery is an advanced treatment alternative for neck or back pains inflicting due to identifiable lesions in a patient’s spinal column. Almost eighty% of the people across the globe witness back pain some time or the alternative during their lifetime. Even though back surgery is a tough choice, there won't be an opportunity option in particular in instances where conditions have not correctly improved with nonsurgical treatments.


What are the column spinal problems, which require spinal surgery?

  • Scoliosis – a sideways curvature of the backbone that impacts mostly not kids in the age group of 10 to 14.
  • Degenerative disc ailment – wearing or tearing of a spinal disc, inflicting neck pain, or low again pain.
  • Herniated disc – a degeneration wherein a fragment of the disc nucleus herniates or ruptures.
  • Kyphosis – a disorder in which an immoderate outward curve of the spine results in an abnormal rounding of the upper spine.
  • Spondylolisthesis – a slipping of vertebra that takes place at the base of the spine.

Why choose to have spinal surgery in India?

As one of the top medical travel destinations, India is enormously admired for its excellent healthcare services. People from all over the world select to have their spine surgery in India for some of the reasons:

  • The best hospitals for spinal surgery in India are international-class medical facilities that provide complete care to the patients. These hospitals have a devoted unit for the spinal surgical procedure with modular operation theaters and the latest technology. The services offered by the hospitals encompass post-operative care and rehabilitation facilities.
  • India is a specialist’s destination for spine surgery. Spine surgery cost in India is inexpensive & only a fraction of what you generally pay in the western developed countries. Presenting high-tech medical solutions to a large sort of healthcare problem, it's no marvel that India is the most preferred medical care destination for spine surgery. Low-cost spine surgery in India is no less than a boon for the global sufferers, which gives them an opportunity to get healed at a price much lesser than their home country.
  • No waiting time. The patient does not wait long to have the surgery. The doctor may start to begin the system as soon the patient is thoroughly evaluated for the condition and all of the tests are executed.

Who is the top spine surgeon in Chennai

Dr. K Sridhar best spine surgeon at global hospital is a renowned neurosurgeon with over 30 years of experience in this specialization. Best Spine Surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai has done pioneering work in micro neurosurgery and mainly in the brain stem and eloquent area surgery which includes awake craniotomies and cervical spine surgeries, and in neurotrauma. He is seen as one of the Top spine surgeons in Chennai and has handled and assisted several complicated cases of the brain and spine disorders in both adult and pediatric patients. Dr. K Sridhar best spine surgeon at the global hospital use advanced technologies and confirmed treatments to control your spinal disorders in a customized way. Top spine surgeon in Chennai is based completely on proof-based surgical treatment of spinal disorders and is committed to providing excellence in the same that's unprecedented within the region. Renowned as the best spine expert among his patients coming to India from various national and international places, Dr. K Sridhar best spine surgeon at international hospital ensures that from their initial go to entire care is customized to meet individual patient’s needs.

How to get in touch with Dr. K Sridhar

Spine and neurosurgery service India makes sure that you get the best health care. They aspire to unify the highest standard of clinical brilliance. More importantly, with spine and neurosurgery service India, appointments with doctors are quick and uncomplicated.  Our aim is to heal your body and soul with medicine, satisfaction, and travel at low-cost prices. They connect you to the hospitals which can be renowned for treating patients with the latest technology and advanced equipment.

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