Everything You Need To Know About Winter Tyres

by Michle Smith Automobile Blogger
Winter season brings some difficult circumstances with it. The roads become slippery and wet. Snow covers the roads and your normal standard tyres refuse to provide traction. The grip needed on wet roads isn't provided by the all-season tyres.

Though they can still deliver fine performance it becomes complex to safely drive on snowy and icy roads. This proves the importance of Winter tyres, especcially by Pirelli tyres Morecambe. They provide the right amount of traction on wet roads.

Features Of Winter Tyres

Tread compound: The tread compound of winter tyres is made of a softer rubber material. This ensures smooth rides in cold conditions. The compound of all-season or summer tyres is somewhat made of a harder compound, which hardens when the mercury drops. This is why a softer rubber compound is necessary for winter seasons.

Winter Tyres Morecambe

Sipes and groves: These two components make the major features of a winter tyre. Sipes are deep blocks designed to provide grip on wet roads. They bite into the snow layers and avoid the risk of slippage. The groves also assist in enhancing the level of grip and traction offered by these tyres.

Tread pattern: Winter tyres have a different tread pattern than the other two types. Wet roads usually contain water patches or puddles. This can cause hydroplaning. However, the unique tread pattern of winter tyres minimises the risk of hydroplaning.

Checking The Manufacturer Manual Is Best

Looking for a new winter tyres Morecambe set, but not sure which one to buy? Your vehicle's handbook can assist you. It consists of vehicle information, tyre size, load rating, etc. Looking at these features, and you will be able to make your choice.

Buying and fitting an appropriate tyre set is extremely crucial. Your vehicle's performance can get severely affected by fitting the wrong tyre. This also puts your safety at stake.

If you are unable to find the manufacturer manual or the information given isn't going well with you, you may visit a reputed and trusted garage. The officials will help you with the selection.

Understand The Information Given On Your Tyre

The sidewall of your tyre carries some useful information about it. Details of the manufacturing date, model number, brand, etc are inscribed there. It is advised to always analyse this information.

When Do I need A New Tyre Set?

Tread depth: The UK government is very strict when it comes to road safety. They have set 1.6mm as the minimum tread depth. Driving with tyres that have a lesser depth is illegal and you will find yourself paying fines. This may even cost you some points on your license. Also, bald tyres increase the chances of slippage. They don't provide enough traction and grip on wet and snowy roads. So, you are advised to replace the tyres as soon as the tread depth reaches near the 1.6mm mark.

Manufacturing date: Your tyre generally lasts about 6 years. Though tyre life also depends on your driving style, it's still recommended to replace tyres when they complete 6 years.

Buying a new tyre set can be confusing. The problem can be solved through research. You should have enough knowledge of the brand and model that you wish to buy.

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