Basics You Need to Know about Summer Tyres

by Michle Smith Automobile Blogger
While winters might be the favourite season for many people, regular drivers would rather deal with the excruciating heat of the summer. Roads are much easier to tread on and so much safer. But there's always a room for improvement. If you want to make your summer driving experience better, you might want to buy tyres specifically designed for this season.

The right time to use summer tyres

If you live in an area with mild climatic conditions, you will likely not need a set. However, it is almost a necessity if the summers in that region are extreme. As a general rule of thumb, whenever seasonal temperatures rise over the 7 °C thresholds, it's a good idea to bring your summer tyres out.

summer tyres

A common question that pops up is if you should use winter tyres during the hotter months of summer. If you were to do that, the performance of your vehicle would be affected. They would require frequent replacements worn out on the heated roadways. Running winter tyres in summer months might also add to your fuel bills.

Some might suggest just getting a set of all-season tyres is good enough. However, they cannot cater to the exact needs of the season and are usually more expensive than one set of winter and another of summer tyres, combined. Switch between them when seasons change and do not use the summer tyres in winters as they will harden in the cold. There are even more advantages of getting summer tyres and here are a few of them.

Better vehicular performance

Even with the clear roads, you might notice that the driving performance of your car is low. It can be a system defect, but it can also be due to the tyres. High temperatures can affect their normal functioning. Gripping the dry, heated driveway will prove to be much more difficult. Summer tyres have a better grip and help you tackle that problem.

Larger tread blocks and fewer grooves of summer tyres allow excellent handling, reduced braking distance and stable braking.

High Sensitivity

These tyres are highly responsive. They allow quick steering and increase its precision.

Stability at higher speeds

For such tyres, the tread depth is shallow and thus they can hold their shape well. This allows them to run at higher speeds without any major issues.

Tyres Morecambe suggests drivers opt for them regardless. Making sure you and everyone around you are safe is always of utmost importance.

Running on both wet and dry roads

We have already seen the merits of using summer tyres for dry roads but they work on wet pavements as well. These tyres are made of special kinds of compounds which help the vehicle run on slippery roads, reducing hydroplaning.

Excellent Handling

The rubber compounds used in these summer tyres are soft. They help you manoeuvre bumpy roads and sharp turns easily.

Now that you have a general idea of summer tyres, it's time to choose the brand you should go for. Choosing premium, high-quality summer tyres from Pirelli Tyres Morecambe will improve your driving experience by a long shot.

In some countries, despite fitting the climate criteria, it is not a legal requirement to use summer tyres.

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