Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Fabrics for Wedding Gown Preservation

by Alex Peter I am Digital Marketer
When you kickstarted your wedding planning, you have probably listed a lot of things in your checklist - wedding venue, theme, catering, decorations, guest list, and your dream wedding dress. Going deeper into the planning of each item that you have listed, each of it has specifics. 

Let’s say your dream wedding gown. For sure planning for your wedding dress is one of the things that you are most excited about. With that, you delve into the specifics; the style, the color, and even the fabrics that you will be using. Choosing the fabrics might not be a common talk when it comes to this one, but you can select one that you prefer.

There are a lot of fabrics to choose from. It is very important to consider what fabric you will be using for your wedding dress to make sure that it complements the aspects of your wedding. You also need to choose a fabric you feel comfortable wearing. Aside from that, knowing the fabrics used in your wedding dress can also help you if you plan to have a wedding dress cleaning and preservation. 

The fabric of the gowns greatly helps the preservation company on how to perfectly preserve wedding dresses. Below are a few fabrics that you can choose from.


Silk is one of the most expensive fabrics in the textile industry. This kind of fabric has a clean and beautiful texture. Many brides choose this kind of fabric because it represents luxury. This kind of fabric is very delicate and can be easily destroyed when exposed to warm conditions. 

Most designers use silk for wedding dresses that are scheduled to be used during the fall and winter seasons. When it comes to cleaning this kind of fabric, the wet-cleaning method is often used to avoid exposing the fabric to harsh chemicals.


Another famous wedding dress fabric is satin. Satin is well-loved by wedding dress designers because of its smooth with natural sheen texture. It is very versatile that you can use it easily to style your wedding dress. This fabric is thick and heavy which is perfect for cold weather. Since satin is a combination of different fabrics, the cleaning used for this can either be the dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning method. 


When you think of a wedding dress, the design is not complete when it is not incorporated with lace. Lace is another fabric that is often used by many when it comes to creating a wedding dress. It has a variety of textures, patterns, and embellishments which are perfect to be used for details on a wedding gown. 

If you are planning to have a classic or vintage style wedding dress, then this fabric is perfect for you. It also exudes a romantic and feminine vibe that is why a lot of brides-to-be love this kind of fabric to be included in their wedding dress. Using this fabric can also be tricky because it makes cleaning and preserving a wedding dress more delicate due to its intricate features.


If you are looking for a cheap alternative for silk, then you can use rayon. Rayon is a more affordable choice if you are tight on budget. This kind of fabric is elastic. Since it is a semi-synthetic fabric, it is lightweight and breathable. 

Many designers suggest using this kind of fabric on weddings scheduled during the warm season because of its breathable properties. Even though it is inexpensive, it is durable and does not easily wrinkle - perfect for draping and styling purposes.


Tight on a budget for your wedding dress? Don’t fret! There are still a lot of fabrics that you can choose from that can help you in creating your dream wedding dress. Polyester is one of the best inexpensive and synthetic fabrics available in the market. Designers enjoy using this fabric because it can easily be woven with other fabrics. 

This kind of fabric is durable and wrinkle-resistant which is good for draping purposes. With polyester, you can choose from woven and non-woven ones. Woven polyesters are much better compared to non-woven and solid because they are more breathable. Polyesters are not suggested for warm seasons because their fibers are quite thick. 

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, polyesters are always a good option. Natural fibers are breathable but are also high maintenance and expensive. With synthetic fibers, you can play around it since it is cheap and easy to manipulate.

There are still a lot of fabrics available in the textile market that you can use for your dream wedding dress. The fabrics mentioned above are the well-known ones used by wedding dressmakers. It might be confusing to decide on which you should use but always remember to choose something fit to your budget, suited for the season or weather of your wedding day, and something that you are comfortable wearing. 

Knowing the fabrics of your wedding dress can also help you once you decide to invest in wedding gown preservation. With this, you will be able to help the experts in pointing-out what preservation method is best suited based on the fabrics that your wedding dress has. Rest assured, you can use the information and enjoy choosing the fabric for your wedding dress. Good luck!

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