Environmental Monitoring System Using IoT, AI and ML

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Artificial Intelligence has long been in existence, and it finds myriads of uses across the different business sectors. Coming to some of its unconventional methods, then AI finds application in environmental monitoring. Yes, we all know that AI, ML or IoT have increased their presence in our life in different ways, but only a few of us understand how dramatically these technologies have brought in the paradigm change. In recent years, we have seen companies realizing the growing importance of artificial intelligence training and machine learning training. The aim of these technologies is to enhance the functioning of the system and make them work more like a human. Well, it requires the expertise of expertise, and so we have a higher demand for artificial intelligence experts and ML experts.  But, in this blog, we are going to highlight how IoT, ML and AI are making an impact on environmental monitoring.

Let's explore the importance of AI, ML and IoT in environmental monitoring:

IoT can prove helpful in monitoring the environment by managing the energy and other resources that are being contaminated every day. If we go by the conventional methods of monitoring the methods, samples are collected, then analyzed analytically. There are two ways to collect and track this data. One if the manual process which is time taking and there is a higher probability of error. The second method is instrumental, wherein tools and software are used to assess the collected data and then come up with a result. If we compare the two methods, we can claim that instrumental methods are faster and also less prone to error. 

When we talk about the IoT monitoring environment, then we are talking about waste management, weather conditions, resources, pollution level etc. 

Why do we need IoT?

The next question that pops up is why do we need IoT for this and how it is going to create a difference. If we dig deeper into environmental monitoring, then it is way more profound than what we know. It requires the study of complex data that will highlight the critical factors impacting the environment and is there any set pattern of increased or decreased impact. While this can be studied using conventional methods, what we need is a deeper understanding of the same. To make the process flawless and faster, we need advanced systems like AI, ML and iot training

A lot has been done in this domain. One such example is that of an air quality system that records the particulate matter or PM.  This system categorizes PM into PM10, PM 2.5, and PM 1. When the particulate matter goes into the lungs, it can cause some severe health issues, hence keeping a check on the same plays an integral role. Standards are being implemented to monitor this and check on the factors that can impact the same.

Sensors are being used to assess the environment; these are : 

1. Proximity sensors

2. Temperature sensors

3. Water quality sensors that keep a check on BOD, COD, pH and other microbial contaminants.

4. Gas sensors which assess the quality of air

5. Smoke sensors which are used for checking the industrial and environmental conditions in the more prone areas

How IoT and AI can prove helpful?

Pollution is one of the reasons that impact the productivity of the soil. Intensive use of pesticides does impact the environment. Thousands of people die every year because of the chemicals, and pesticides that are being used while farming. Implementation of AI and IoT for environmental sustainability includes methods like monitoring the crops, soil and crop production with low impact on the environment. With the help of these technologies we can aim to have safe agricultural methods which are going to increase productivity. For those smart monitoring devices and sensors can be attached to the crops to monitor their growth continuously. With the help of these sensors, we can assess the hydration needs of the plant, nutritional needs and based on it, healthier and safer agricultural methods can be adopted. 

Another aspect of using AI and IoT is by protecting the species. We have vast biodiversity. And there are various species which are on the verge of extinction. With the help of the IoT and AI tools, we can study the different patterns in animals like feeding habits, migration and mating. It helps in keeping a track on animals without disrupting their normal life. A US-based company is using computer vision to detect the footprints of cheetahs, rhinos and other endangered species to know what is impacting their life or putting them in danger. 

These are the few of the examples of the companies that are using AI, IoT and Ml in the field of environmental monitoring.

Conclusion – In the times to come, we are going to see greater use of these technologies. Hence, a rise in the demand for professionals in this field is going to rise. Opting for IoT training or artificial intelligent training or Machine Learning training is going to pave the way for a brighter future.

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