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by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
As the famous phrase goes “Face is the index of mind,”similarly your teeth arethe index of your stomach and other vital parts of your body. Every tooth is important as each performs its own role in the oral system. A cleaner, whiter and perfectly aligned set of teeth arewhat everyone wishes for. But how many of us have the perfect set of teeth? Well, if your answer is no, visit The Mindful Dentist the best in Orthodontics South East London

You may fail to take good care of your teeth or lose a tooth because of some accident. You may find it difficult to chew, eat or even smile when the teeth are misaligned. Don’t let your confidence go down, get the misaligned tooth fixed or get a new tooth from the Mindful Dentist, who offers the best Dental Implants South East London.

What is orthodontics and why is it important?

Orthodontics is a specialty service that deals with the correction of misaligned teeth that cause under bite or overbite and also proper positioning of crooked or crowded teeth. The correction or re positioning the teeth should be done by an orthodontist, and not every dentist can do it. The orthodontists are experts who can help in correcting misaligned teeth with a focus on the proper alignment. Various treatments which include braces and surgeries are practiced by these expert orthodontists. 

If you ever feel why is orthodontics important? Well, the answer can amaze you. Your teeth are associated with the nervous system that connects every vital organ in your body. Improper chewing can cause digestive problems, misaligned teeth can cause speech impairments, crowed and crooked teeth bring difficultly in brushing and cleaning which may lead to gum diseases. To prevent all these problems, proper alignment with straight positioning of teeth is highly important. 

So if you face any of the above issues,meet an orthodontist and get treated at the earliest, so that you can avoid complications and avert any pain and unwanted complications in the future. A set of properly aligned straight teeth can be a huge confidence booster apart from giving you a good bite and would also be easier to clean and maintain.

Treatments practiced by Orthodontists to straighten the teeth. 

While there are several methods to align the teeth position, the most commonly practiced methods with positive results are the braces. There are several types of braces that are used for the treatment based on the condition of the teeth. These braces help in aligning the teeth through the mild pressure. Braces are fixed for a period of 12 to 36 months that varies from individual to individual. 

How braces can help to align the teeth?

Braces are the most preferred way of treating misaligned teeth. It can be customized based on the alignment and preference of the client. There are five common types of braces that include metal, wires, and ceramic thatis used by the expert dentist which help in reducing the gaps between the teeth and brings a better alignment to crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw. 

Facts about Braces 

Braces help you to get a better facial structure. 
Braces help to enhance your smile.
It is better to use braces in the early stages of life for better results. 
Braces apply pressure on the tooth, enabling it to move to the desired alignment which may happen over a period, maybe 12 to 36 months based on the treatment. 
It helps the overall dental health. 
Not all dentists can fix braces, it takes a specialized orthodontist like an expert from The Mindful Dentist team to get the most appropriate braces. 

Tools involved in fixing braces 

1. Brackets 

These are either made up of ceramic or metal which is fixed on each tooth connected by wires. The brackets apply pressure on the teeth to move them into better-aligned position. 

2. Dental Implants 

The dental implants used in orthodontics include tiny screws, wires, and clips that anchor and supports the tooth to get a straight and aligned position. The Mindful Dentist is known for the most appropriate dental implants South East London. 

Enhance your smile

Smile is all you need to light up your mood, and to feel stress-free. However, if you have a crooked tooth, you might not have the confidence to smile.Fix an appointment with the expert dentist from The Mindful Dentist team. 

About The Mindful Dentist 

The Mindful Dentist advocates the most gentle, and appropriate ways of treating dental problems. They believe in bringing positive and personalized treatments to the clients through comfort and hygiene. From simple to advanced dental treatments, everything can be made easy at The Mindful Dentist. 

As mentioned earlier, not every dentist can help you fix braces or align your jaw. Expert Orthodontists from The Mindful Dentist specializes in correcting irregular teeth and better jaw structure. Still, skeptical about finding the impeccable orthodontists? Well, meet the experts from The Mindful Dentist who offers the best services for orthodontics South East London.

Remember to smile all day long with perfectly aligned teeth from The Mindful Dentist! And smile because you are worth it. 

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