Enhance Your Beauty with Designer Bagru Hand Block Printed Saree

by Aarav Fabricator Women Clothing Manufacturer

Bagru is known place for naural dyes, indigo dyes and block printing around the world. Bagru has a unique place textile industry resources. Bagru is situated in geographical 26" 49" 0", north, of Jaipur at national highway.

The art of Bagru Hand Block Printed Saree is an ancient one which is said to have originated in China. Mud Resist Printing is a special variation, the origin of which can be traced to about 675 A.D.

Dabu printing is often grouped together with other Rajasthani hand blocked prints like Sanganeri and bagru but is in fact quite distinct in fact in terms of its look and method. The designs are said to be similar to "batik" though techniques to produce two are quite different.

Know the Faces Behind the Fabric:

Daboo Printing is essentially a village handcraft, which is now practiced in many rural areas of Rajasthan. For many, it has become a family business, with the older generation passing on the secrets of the craft to the next. These artisans tend to produce the more traditional and classic varieties of prints which are divisibly considered the most authentic.  

Some facts about the marketing:

The Daboo printing process is quite complicated and involves so many workers and multiple stages of printing, washing, and dyeing to execute the whole process perfectly. First, the plain weave fabric collected from the mill is carefully washed to remove any impurities that may interfere with the dyeing process. Then, using the inserts embedded in the fasst dye, the fabrics are carefully and carefully designed on the fabric. The next key step is to use the mud.

Style & Variety:

Daboo printing is used to create a lot of different designs and patterns. This includes varieties of colors and motif:

Color and Dye: Traditional daboo prints are made of natural dyes such as gray and white (grayish brown) and indigo (blue), as well as yellow and red from fruit such as pomegranates. Today, more color choices are available for craftsmen because they are no longer confined to plant dyes and they can use synthetic dyes. Fabrics can also be dyed more than once, creating double dabu and triple dabu effects with richer, more colorful look.

Motif and Design: Typical patterns used are natural inspiration from peacocks, mangoes, leaves, corn stalks (called boota), sunflowers (surajmukhi) and animal figures. You can also use geometric shapes, points and wavy lines. The design so created is repeated over and over the entire fabric. Occasionally, the mud will crack and leak, causing a unique vein similar to Batik.

It’s Maintenance:

First wash the fabric with daboo printed by hand to check the color fastness, which can then be washed in cold water. It is advisable to dry these fabrics in order to avoid damaging the brightness of the color. Natural and plant dyes are often very fast and take a long time to fade, although repeated washing may speed up the process.

Some Interesting Facts:

1.      Daboo from Hindi word "Dabana", meaning "press".

2.      The family of Akola village, who has been practicing technology, retains the exact formula of the original mud resistance ("dhabu"), which is a secret guard.

3.      With the development of many other traditional technologies, Daboo prints almost instantly before the era of independence, as the influx of cheap printer printing on the market. The interest of the process with the 21st century, the resurgence of national textile re-interest.

Bagru Hand Block Printed Saree can be used for so many occasions because they have a variety of colors and pattern. They can be used for a high profile office activity as they are luxurious and elegant while colorful and fun prints sarees will be used for parties. These Sarees have been in the tradition of India for many years, and with the design of this printed saree and the improvement of patterns to suit the young people's preferences, it is a warm change in fashion and global influence.

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