Emergency Dentist - Your Savior in an Emergency

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London

How is emergency dentistry different from normal dentistry?

Just like accidents, even dental emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, calling for immediate attention from a dental professional. Emergency dental clinics are mostly open 24 X 7 and 365 days a year. Normal dental surgery is handled differently compared to emergency dental surgery as the later involves treating patients with more pressing issues and not the normal brace fitting or tooth whitening procedures.

Emergency services are offered by dental clinics only when there are dental emergencies, beyond the normal work timing. So, you would not be entertained beyond the normal working hours by an emergency dentist for non-emergency situations like teeth cleaning or whitening! 

When to approach an emergency dentist?

Emergency dental appointments are typically taken up for complex situations like lost or broken a tooth in an accident. Or something else likes extreme pain in the tooth or things which cannot wait till the normal consultation time of the dental expert.

How an emergency dentist helps in case of broken teeth

Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, today there are many ways an Emergency Dentist South East London can fix/ replace broken teeth. And if you are lucky, in some cases, the dentist may even be able to reattach the natural tooth before it dies! To rebuild a damaged tooth, several factors are to be considered. It predominantly depends on the state the tooth and its empty socket, when the patient arrives for the surgery. If the tooth is still in a relatively good condition even though it has been completely knocked out, an emergency dentist may be able to fix it back into the socket provided the procedure can happen within a small time frame of the accident. But if the tooth has been out of the mouth for more than 1 hour, the chances of reattaching it are slim. In such cases, the dentist would just repair the damage to the gum preparing it for further treatment post the healing. The next options you have in such a situation are dental implants or bridges, for which the dentist would call you back during normal clinic hours, once he is done with the emergency treatment.

What can be done during the waiting period in a dental emergency?

If you are in a lot of pain you might consider taking a pain killer. If an accident has broken whole or part of your tooth, hold on to any broken pieces. It is best if you could keep them in a cup of milk- which would help to keep the tooth alive for a long time until it can be reattached. If fragments are remaining in the socket, leave them there, as they might be useful to help to fix back the tooth. It would be wise to not try and fix/pullout anything inside your mouth yourself, and leave the matters to a professional emergency dentist. If you have had an accident, and there is heavy bleeding, press a small piece of gauze onto the area/ bite with cotton stop and suppress the blood flow till the time you receive professional help.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Everyone likes to flash those pearly white teeth and a beautiful smile. Before the teeth whitening South East London process, the first thing the dentist would do is to ensure the health of your teeth. He would advise you to undergo any fillings if required. The next step is to determine the extent of discoloration of your teeth. Based on this, he would be able to give you the cost of the process and what degree of color change could be expected.

Conventional teeth whitening procedure- The dentist first cleans the teeth. He then places a custom made tray in the mouth so that the whitening gel can be evenly and properly applied on the teeth.  A custom made tray is of vital importance as it ensures the whitening gel does not come in contact with the gums and harm them. Usually, a dentist uses hydrogen peroxide for the whitening gel.

Laser teeth whitening- This process is much faster and more effective too. In laser teeth whitening South East London a resin-based barrier is used for protecting the gums before exposure to blue laser light for about 15 minutes. A Teeth Whitening South East London process may require multiple visits to a dentist.

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