E-Mail Marketing Myths you Need to Stop Believing

by Seek Academy Training Institute

E-mail marketing is a popular tool used by Digital Marketers in their marketing campaign. Because of its popularity, there are tons of good and bad practices related to it. However, it is very hard for the marketer to differentiate between myths and facts. Seek Digital Academy provides SEO Training in Delhi and educates marketers about myths that are not to be believed.

This article will bust 7 of the e-mail marketing myths. Let’s get started!

1.       PEOPLE ARE ALREADY BURDENED BY TOO MANY E-MAILS: This myth has its roots deep into the minds of marketers. It is believed that people receive around 50 e-mails per day and half of them are just spam mails. This is untrue as around 60% of people receive around 20 emails per days. Since a large majority of business takes place on the internet and e-mail, it is not difficult for a user to have a look at these mails. The remaining 40% receive around 10 e-mails in a day and almost half of them are useless.

2.       TIMING E-MAILS ON THURSDAYS AT 3 PM: According to this myth, the best time to send out an e-mail is on a Thursday at 3 PM as during this time the e-mail open rate is the highest. In reality, if everyone sends an-mail at this time, the subscriber will hardly have the time to go through all of them. Therefore, it is advisable that marketers send their e-mails whenever they are ready. 15% of the e-mails are opened on the same day, 20% of purchase decisions are made within 2 days of opening the mail, and only 32% of purchases are made after a fortnight.

3.       REMOVE INACTIVE USERS AFTER 6 MONTHS: Removing inactive users just after a span of 6 months is not going to do any good to the mailing list. Therefore, it is advised to maintain the e-mail list a bit longer than 6 months before making any amendments in it. Also, it is a good idea to ask the inactive users about their preferences. Consider giving them a discount coupon as an incentive for updating their preferences.

4.       PEOPLE HIT THE SPAM BUTTON FREQUENTLY: Only 1 out of 2000 people hit the spam button. As long as the content is informative, helpful and without any hostile intentions, the person will not hit the spam button on you. However, if you are flagged, ask that person about the issue and stop sending them e-mails as it will adversely affect your e-mail marketing campaign.

5.       MORE SENT E-MAILS EQUALS MORE IGNORED E-MAILS: Sending four e-mails in a month instead of one doubles the number of consumers opening one or more emails, significantly increasing revenue. Seek Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing Course in Tilak Nagar educates marketers about the best e-mail marketing practices to make their digital marketing campaign a success.

6.       SHORT SUBJECT LINES ARE BETTER: Subject lines with 70 characters or more have shown an increase in the click-through rate whereas subject lines with up to 60 characters have shown to increase the open rate. A more descriptive, informative, and helpful subject line will improve the conversion rates magnificently.

7.       REFRAIN FROM USING SPAM WORDS: Words such as affordable, no cost, risk-free, best rates, free money, extra income, etc. are called spam words. It’s a myth that using these words will cause the e-mail to appear in the junk folder. According to 540 billion sent e-mails, spam keywords have little or no effect on ending up in the junk folder.

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