Egg-cellent Easter Eggs

by James P. Outreach & PR Executive

Traditions are often adapted with the times, and Easter is certainly no stranger to change! Over time, chocolate eggs and bunnies have been a symbol of the holiday, stretching from western countries to Asia and Africa!

Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who, according to the records in the Bible, resurrected on the third day of his crucifixion. Every year, Christian believers in some parts of the world still gather to celebrate what to them symbolises a victory. However, commentaries reveal that historically, church leaders often refrained from eating eggs during the ‘Holy Week’, the week prior to Easter. The eggs were then saved and decorated with bright painting colours and gifted to children. Years later, the Victorians adopted this tradition, introducing nicely wrapped cardboard eggs filled with many different gifts.

The Easter egg we’ve grown to love today was first made in 19th century in Europe. Although this came as a big discovery at that time, it took the advancements of chocolate making techniques to achieve the ‘perfect’ Easter egg. Today, we can happily enjoy gluten-free and dairy-free Easter eggs, fair trade chocolate Easter eggs, savoury Easter eggs, and even vegan chocolate Easter eggs.

According to research, an estimated £381 million will be spent on Easter eggs, spending 68 per cent more than the figure spent on traditional chocolate bars. With Easter eggs clearly being the ultimate treat of this holiday, why not look at some of the unusual eggs on the market, with sweet, savoury, and downright outlandish flavours to choose from. From satisfying a millennial with an avo-egg, to making a Marmite devotee question their love for the divisive spread.

Egg with legs

Yeah, that’s right — eggs with legs! Undoubtedly one of the most unusual eggs that has ever appeared on the market, this Easter egg comes with legs. Ceramic designer Mary Rose Young purposefully designed an egg cup in which the chocolate Easter egg is beautifully placed. Which one of your friends would love this cool accessory?

Prosecco flavoured

A true work of art, chocolate making techniques have truly evolved when you find out that prosecco-infused chocolate eggs are now a thing. To the delight of the bubble lovers, this ‘proseggo’ combines two of the most loved treats of all festivities: prosecco and chocolate!

Lamb and mint sandwich

Piqued your interest? This Easter egg is not lamb meat flavoured, whether that comes as a disappointment or a relieve, this Easter chocolate egg is with no doubt one we’ve hardly come across before. The mint chocolate egg comes shaped as a sandwich, filled with a white chocolate shaped sheep.

Avocado shaped egg

If you love avocado, you’ll love the aesthetic of this egg! Despite the name, this Easter egg is made entirely of chocolate, no avocado flavours added. White chocolate with a touch of natural colouring is used to emulate the green part of the avocado, while the shell and stone are made with Belgian chocolate.

Gin and tonic flavoured egg

This Easter egg has likely made half of the British populations’ dreams come true. Definitely more suitable for adults, this Easter treat is made of white chocolate flavoured with gin and garnished with a taste of lime tonic.

The magician’s hat egg

Perfect for the children, the magician’s hat is made of milk, dark, and white chocolate and it comes with 45 mini eggs hidden inside. You will be able to spot a pair of chocolate rabbit ears popping outside the hat. Magic indeed!

Cheese egg

Thought you’d heard it all? Another Easter treat that will make a big chunk of the nation’s population buzzing this Easter is the cheese egg. For those who prefer savoury over sweet, this is a great alternative to not feel left out this Easter. With half cheese and half condiments, this quirky egg is likely to please all devoted cheese lovers there.


Easter eggs have certainly changed over time, and we’re very excited to see what this year will bring! What would you like to see?






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