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Web content writing is easy if you consider how people find information on the web. First, they type a keyword into the search bar, and the search engine brings back results based on the keyword. The search results display page titles and descriptions of the pages. The searcher will browse the titles and descriptions, and when they find a page that seems to be what they want they click on the page and open it up.

Their first impression of the page will be the headline and general layout of the page. If the headline addresses their interest, they will scan down the page sub-headings to confirm that the content is what they are looking for. If all that is OK, the will read the page; if not, they will go back to the search results and open another page, or try another search term. Web content writing must fit the pattern that people follow when they search for information.

It's clear that one must approach web top content writing company in Delhi in a manner that will drive traffic to your site, plus you must construct your page in a fashion that will meet the needs of the search engines and your readers. Pay particular attention to the following items:

Page Title and Description

Not only will the search engines find your page based on its title, it is the title that gets the searchers attention once the results are in. Make sure that in your web content writing the title includes the keyword that the searcher used to find you in the first place. Then, write a page description that hints at providing a lot more content relevant to the keyword. The page description has to be compelling enough to cause the searcher to click on your link and keyword-specific.

Web Content Writing Should Be Easy To Read

Your web best content writing services in India should lay out the content so that it reads left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Make your page easy on the eyes by having a font size of at least 12, and use a basic font like Ariel or Sans Serif that is common to all browsers. Black type on a white background is easiest to read. Make sure that there is enough open space on the page to accentuate the content. Flashy ads and pop-ups make pages difficult to read and should be avoided if your goal is to get your content read. If one of your goals is readability, visit newspaper websites and look at how they do their web content writing.

Write In Blocks Of About 100 Words

Writing text all the way down the page with no visual breaks is a terrible way to lay out web page content. Solid blocks of text are hard on the eyes and make reading difficult. Keep your paragraphs to about 100 words, more or less. The total word count of your article can vary, but should be no less than 200 words if you want the search engines to include it in their search results. Pages can be as long as you need them to be to cover your topic, but remember that a web surfers attention span is short, so your web page should get to the point and then move on. It's best if very long pages are broken down in several pages. In web content writing, the ideal length for a page is 500-600 words, not including links.

Write For Page Scanning

Each paragraph block on your page should have a headline that describes your page. Your web content writing should make it possible for the reader to get the "gist" of your page just by reading the page title and the headlines. If the page title and headlines satisfy the reader's interest, they will come back and read your page in greater detail.

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