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Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy stands for a condition when the fertilized egg joins itself in a place instead of inside the uterus. In almost all cases, ectopic pregnancies happen in the fallopian tubes and are known as tubal pregnancies.

When the ovary releases an egg in the fallopian tube and stays there for a matter of 24 hours, chances of pregnancy arise. In order to get fertilized, it is necessary to appear in contact with the sperm. After that, the fertilized egg stays there in the fallopian tube for about 3 to 4 days before heading towards the uterus. There it connects to the lining and keeps on to grow until a baby gets born.


Those women of childbearing age who are sexually active contain a risk of ectopic pregnancy. This condition can be more likely to happen if a woman has faced previous ectopic pregnancy or embryo transfer in IVF treatments. It is because embryos can travel into the fallopian tube, like, at the time of the implantation stage. Even age is a factor in praising the chances of ectopic pregnancy. There is an increased risk of this condition among older women.

Those women who smoke contain an amplified level of the protein PROKR1 in their fallopian tubes. There the protein is influential in assisting pregnancies implant in the womb, but when present in the fallopian tubes can delay the growth of a fertilized egg and increase the chances of ectopic pregnancy.


It is not necessary that all women experience symptoms during an ectopic pregnancy. But there can be bleeding at the time of pregnancy or pain in the lower side of the stomach. They can also face missed or late periods, shoulder-tip pain, etc. At the time of tubal pregnancy, there can be vaginal bleeding. When the ectopic pregnancy gets ruptured, there can be symptoms like very fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, signs of shock, lightheadedness or dizziness, severe and sharp abdominal and pelvic pain, etc.

Ectopic Pregnancy Cost

Basically, ectopic pregnancy can be treated with two best options, namely medication and surgery. The cost will be depended on what type of treatment the doctor has prescribed to the patient.


Medication will be provided at an initial stage. A dose of medication like methotrexate will be injected into the system of a woman for stopping her embryo from growing. Sometimes, medications can provide some side-effects as well. That's why a wise practitioner will try to have a close look about the overall happening and will only provide the second dose if there is a necessity. Along with that, a woman will have to exercise some caution that her doctor will explain.

After being treated with medication, the doctor may advice them to use contraception for near about three months because the drug is still there in her body and can harm her child in the case of conception. She will also be asked to leave drinking alcohol as it is responsible for causing serious damage to the liver if comes in reaction with methotrexate.

Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

When doctors detect internal bleeding in the patient, they try to advance towards surgery. Surgery of ectopic pregnancy contains the elimination of the fallopian tube where the pregnancy is established. The process takes place with the help of laparoscopy. Two different types of keyhole surgeries are also there to carry out.

First one is salpingostomy where a tiny cut will be made in the fallopian tubes to remove the ectopic growth. Then the cut will be left to heal by its own or can be stitched if required. Another one is salpingectomy in which the part of the fallopian tube where ectopic growth is found gets removed and the residual tube length gets connected again. Salpingectomy usually takes place when the fallopian tubes get damaged or ruptured at the time of ectopic pregnancy.

Treatment options will be based on the condition level of a patient. Try to discuss with your doctor about the treatment options and don't hesitate to ask a question about any kind of information so that you could choose the best possible way to treat ectopic pregnancy.


Try to quit smoking if you are a regular smoker, as ectopic pregnancy can make its impact more on those who women who smoke as compared to the one who doesn't. After dealing with ectopic pregnancy, there can be an effect on the emotional and physical health of a mother. At such cases, you need to stay calm and try to take care of your health.

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