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Buying an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush means that there is one less plastic toothbrush floating in the ocean or circling the landfill, but they still need to be properly or composted for maximum environmental friendliness.

Disposal of an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush guide

A shiny fresh toothbrush is much better at keeping your teeth shiny and minty-fresh, so it is important to change your toothbrush regularly.

While we have tested our toothbrushes to make sure they use it for six months, the dentist's advice is to change your toothbrush every two months. It does not matter whether you use a eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush or a plastic one - the bristles spoil and bacteria can all become the same, even if the bamboo handle is naturally antibacterial.

Upcycle and Reuse your toothbrush

Once your toothbrush has served its major purpose of cleaning your teeth, there are plenty of ways that you can squeeze a little more life and use it. Just boil it in warm water for a few minutes, clean it first, and mark it in some way so that you know how not to use it on the teeth!

  • An old toothbrush is the right size and shape, which is difficult to reach in all places, such as in corners of countertops, between tiles, within plug holes, or even inside toilets.

  • An old toothbrush is an ideal tool to clean dust from between the keys of your computer keyboard or to remove debris from the vent on a hairdryer or filter on a vacuum cleaner.

  • Keep an old toothbrush by your sink - it is the perfect tool to clean them.

Oral health and effective dental cleaning are our priority, and no biodegradable fiber yet exists that uses it and is as long-term as the industry-standard nylon. This means that you have to remove the bristles and dispose of the handle of the toothbrush separately. There are two different ways to remove them:

  • Pull them with pliers

  • Turn the whole toothbrush off

How to pull bricks with a bamboo toothbrush with pliers?

To make it as easy as possible, try not to take out too many bristles at once and use a short rolling action. It will pull bristles and small metal staples smoothly and cleanly.

Bristles can then go into your plastic recycling, but when they are so small and are easily lost, we recommend that you place them inside any other plastic items, such as food packaging, bottles or cartons, etc.

If you have managed to reduce your plastic consumption to the point for which there is hardly a suitable container to get rid of, consider keeping one dedicated until it is completely up. Go or you find something on your next trash heap. In the Axis, you can dip them in a drop of glue to hold them all together.

Count Bamboo Toothbrush Handle

The handle of your toothbrush is 100% biodegradable, but you still need to think how you dispose of it to make sure it breaks as soon as possible.

We recommend putting it in an industrial compost to put in your bio-waste bin, where it will break in a few weeks, but you can put it in the house compost if you have one. Even if you throw it in your normal dustbin and the toothbrush ends up in the landfill, it will still biodegrade in a few years.

Bamboo will break down completely in time, but it is a strong and anti-rotting material. The amount of time it takes to bio-decompose depends on the conditions: in soil, hot and wet, or dry and cold.

How long does it take to biodegrade a bamboo toothbrush?

  • If you just throw a bamboo toothbrush in your garden, it may take 5 to 10 years to completely break down.

  • Buried horizontally in the soil, it will take about 3 years

  • Household manure should be taken for about 4-6 months. You can trigger it by breaking the toothbrush into small pieces with a hammer or saw.

  • Industrial manure should break a toothbrush in a few weeks.

And all! When you replace your toothbrush with an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, be sure to take proper care of the new one to keep it as long as possible.

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