Biodegradable Paper Straws

by Nino Bamboo Eco Friendly Bamboo Wholesale Products Supplier

The movement to ban single-use plastics is growing rapidly. That is why it is more important than ever to find a sustainable alternative to everyday products such as straws, utensils, take-out containers, and more. This push led to the reappearance of the former major paper straw. These simple, yet effective, utensils are taking the world by storm and seeking a presence in all markets.

It took months for the paper straws to test various straws and papers before settling in the mill. The soil in the shredded paper used to manufacture our paper straws is both biodegradable and seawater biodegradable. This means that our paper straws will biodegrade during the lifetime of our great-grandchildren in a few months rather than closing our base and sea.

Here are some suggestions on what to tell family, friends, or customers who do not support the paper straw movement:

  1. Biodegradable paper straws are much better for the environment. Broken up within months instead of hundreds of years.

  2. Soon we don't have an option but to use paper straws. We are getting ahead of the game before the best option is gone.

  3. This is a simple and effective way to reduce our footprint.

  4. Paper straws require more gentle use than plastic straws. We are all keeping pace with this change.

  5. The advantage of these paper straws is that a portion of every purchase goes towards planting trees.

  6. Great improvements have been made since paper straws were first brought back to the market.

  7. These paper straws were manufactured here in China, so the more straws we buy, the more employment we generate.

The world of straw has made exciting progress, offering environmentally friendly plastic straw options for restaurants, retailers and families. As a paper straw manufacturer, we are happy to tarnish the way to make our oceans and our world healthier for all.

Don't let the word "paper" fool you, because paper straws are made of thick paper, which is not found when sipping your drink. Choose from Standard or Jumbo depending on your needs. When you can tie your straw with the assurance that, unlike rehydration, composting, or even plastic, it will be biodegraded.

Reusable straw

The options for biodegradable paper straws are numerous with stainless steel, glass, bamboo and silicon. Keep in mind that glass can chip and stainless steel can hurt if you accidentally cut your saw - which you may wonder is your habit. Also, bamboo may turn brown if not taken care of properly. Silicon is the most popular reusable option at home, but can be challenging to travel because they require washing after use - so pack some paper straw instead of you.

Ninobamboo is available to meet the needs of many markets including restaurants, food service, hospitals, hotels, and homes around the world.

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