Dunnage Bags Are A Must For Every Cargo And Shipment

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO Consultant
I am quite sure you have heard of airbags or inflatable bags. But have you ever heard of dunnage bags?

What Are Dunnage Bags?
Very simply put, dunnage bags are airbags that are used to secure and stabilize cargo. Introduced approximately around 1970, it was a very expedient and cost-effective means of securing the cargo on ISO containers, closed rail wagons, trucks and seafaring vessels.

That it is a very much needed requisite on such means of transport has been corroborated by the fact that the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport has declared that around 25% of all truck accidents were attributed to inadequate cargo securing.


Dunnage airbags comprise closed chambers constructed from an elastic film filled with air. At rest, the constant load that is generated by the package weight contents is taken up by the cushioning effects provided by the inflated dunnage airbags.

When in movement, the shock is absorbed by the compression of the cushion. How much air is needed to be filled into the airbags is dependent on the type of cargo that is being carried, the size of the void, its properties and packaging requirements.

Dunnage bags can be used for multi modes of transportation of cargo to stabilize, secure and protect the cargo from any sort of damage. They are placed in between the cargo where there are gaps. It basically acts as a cushion-in-between.

Not only during transportation but it can also be used otherwise to secure any type of cargo that includes packed bulk and palletizes cargo, coils, barrels, cases and crates.

Advantages Of Dunnage Bags

There are a few reasons why dunnage bags are considered advantageous:

• They are safe
• They are waterproof
• They inflate rapidly with compressed air
• They are light and easy to install
• Compressed air is readily available


Dunnage bags are available in many ways:

• Various sizes
• Designs like spheres, standard cushions, corner & edge cushioning and tubular cushioning
•It is readily available with Heavy-Duty Dunnage Bags Manufacturers in Malaysia.

How To Determine The Size Of The Dunnage Bag

The size of the dunnage bag is very vital in that if proper sizes are not installed then it will not serve the purpose it was installed for. Rather it will cause unwanted damage to the cargo and people because it will fail to fill in the voids where required. The gap has to be determined before dunnage bags are installed in place.

Word Of Caution

The dunnage bags should not be worn out. It has to be in good condition always otherwise it should be avoided because it is not going to serve its purpose rightfully. It should be remembered that dunnage bags cannot serve the purpose of fillers against doors or any non-rigid surfaces or partitions.

Always think of heavy-duty dunnage bags when the requirement arises. They can safeguard against sharp and pointed articles like nails and edges when sandwiched between corrugated cardboards or plywood boards.

If you want the right kind of dunnage bags, then you can immediately contact Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags Manufacturers.

Types Of Dunnage Bags

Let us now see the different types of dunnage bags. They are:

• Paper dunnage bags (kraft)
• Woven propylene bags
• Propylene paper laminated bags


It is an environment-friendly item because it can be used and reused so it causes a less negative impact on the environment. For it to be reused it has to be purchased from a good Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags Manufacturer.

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