Dryer Not Drying Properly? Things You Need to Know

by Vent Vision Ventvision
After a washing machine, the next big thing is a dryer to give that fresh, clean clothes everyone desires. With a proper drying system, you enjoy the luxury of washing, drying, and stacking clean clothes immediately after being worn.

But what happens if your dryer stops drying? Or it seems like it takes full day to dry your clothes. Nothing can be more frustrating than still having a pile of wet clothes staring at you in a dryer that has just finished running.

You need your dryer to perform its duty, that is dry your clothes properly. And most importantly, in no time. However, a dryer not drying properly doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it into the landfill. Several things are at work when your home dryer isn’t drying as expected.

Overstuffing of Clothes

This is something many of us do and feel guilty. People just want to cram every bit of laundry in the dryer and get done with it at once. Could this be the main reason why the dryer is taking longer to dry?

Overstuffing your dryer can put extra strain on the motor, drum belt and other core parts. Plus, it can block the airflow, keep the heat trapped in clothing and hinder your dryer from performing its work efficiently.

The solution is quite simple. Stop loading too much stuff in the dryer and check the manual for how much wash load is right to ensure proper functioning of your dryer.

Blocked Lint Filter

A clogged lint filter is one of the main reasons the drying cycles doubled. Worse still, it is one of the main causes of fire hazards. Accumulation of lint can harm the proper functioning of the dryer which only leads to hot yet moist clothes.

Always clean the lint filter after every wash loads to get rid of lint buildup. You must have heard this before but it is high time to make it a habit.

Clogged Dryer Vents

If the inner reaches of the dryer vent have seen better days without regular cleaning, it might be the culprit for a dryer not drying. When the dryer vent is clogged, your clothes will not dry after the regular drying cycle.

It’s time for elbow grease in getting the dryer vent cleaned and functioning as expected. For thorough and deep cleaning, get a dryer vent cleaning kit to remove any lint buildup inside.

Blocked Dryer Vent Exit

Dryer vents are made of flexible plastic or hose that can get crushed where they exit. That is why the exit dryer vent should be as short as possible and should be the right one for the drying machine.

However, if there is something blocking the flow of air passing through the exit, it might cause it to work harder than required.

For this, position your home dryer that will be ideal for a shorter hose. Correct any sagging or improper angled areas and if it is kinked, consider changing the hose to ensure proper airflow. Make your dryer vent clean with easy to use Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit.

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