Are Dryer Vent Covers Safe?

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Every year thousands of homes face fire just because of their unmaintained dryers. Dryer fires can result due to a variety of reasons. But one of the major reasons behind such fires is not using a dryer vent cover. Many people ignore adding an outside cover to their dryer vent just with the misconception that such covers prevent the dryers from working efficiently. However, the fact is dryer vent covers are best at improving the performance of your dryers.  

The benefits of using dryer vent covers are unlimited. Those who want to keep their property and dryer vent safe, always add the best dryer vent cover to the exterior of their vents. But even after the high popularity of such covers, many dryer users wonder whether they should use such covers for their dryer vents or not. The presence of various myths about such covers prevents them from using such wonderful products. This makes it essential for each dryer vent user to understand the importance of such covers. The benefits provided by dryer vents make them safe to use. Some common reasons for which they are considered a safe dryer vent product are:-

Improve performance:-

Dryer vent covers are best at improving the dryers’ performance. These are placed at the exterior opening of a dryer vent to prevent the dust, wind, and other debris from entering the laundry room and dryers. The covers not just block such unwanted things but also keep the dryers clean because of which they keep performing perfectly.

The dryer vent covers open only to vent out the hot dryer air, and when the dryer shuts off, it also closes. These covers also keep the dust, snow, rain, or other debris from blowing into your dryer vent. This further keeps them safe and improves their performance.

Prevent the risk of fire:-

Dryer vent covers are also considered safe to use because of their safety from fire. The role of dryer vent covers is to keep the dryer vents protected from external damage or interference. With this, they prevent the buildup of lint that usually buildup in the dryer vents and increases the risk of fire. Dryer vent covers allow the lint to pass easily to the outside. With this, these covers prevent the buildup of lint and keep the dryers as well as your property safe.

Saves energy:-

Dryer vent covers are also safe to use because they help in saving energy. These easy-to-install covers save you money in energy costs. They help in saving energy by increasing the efficiency of the dryers and lowering the cooling and heating costs. The hold and cold air that otherwise enter the laundry room or home are prevented by the covers. These hold and cold air affect the inside temperature of your home and make sit essential for you to use heaters and air conditioners more, which consume high energy and cost you more. Dryer vent covers prevent this cost by stopping the hot and cold air from entering your property.

Prevent rodents and birds:-

The external area of dryer vents usually becomes the home of rodents and birds. A dryer vent without a cover acts as an open invitation to them. At such vents, the birds easily build their nests, and rodents such as squirrels and mice enter your home easily. However, using the best dryer vent cover help you prevent the entry of such creature and reduce the risk that is usually caused by them. With this, they also prevent the risk of fire that results due to birds net.

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