Drilling Rig Transformed by Excavator, A Good Partner Self-drilling Anchor Bolt Works With

by Simone S. sinorockco

Excavators are no strangers to most people and can be seen on various construction sites. But many people may not know about excavating and changing hydraulic drilling rigs, let alone using excavating and changing hydraulic drilling rigs to make self-drilling bolts. In fact, there are still many advantages to using the excavation to change the hydraulic drilling rig to play the self-drilling anchor bolt. Today, let's take a look at it together.

Drilling rig transformed by excavator is also called hydraulic drilling rig transformed by an excavator. It uses the hydraulic system of the excavator itself. Through transformation, the hydraulic source of the excavator is used to rock drilling. Without destroying the original working performance of the excavator, its components include a powerhead, hydraulic control system, feed system, and excavator platform. It has many advantages such as economy and practicality, convenient installation, flexible drilling, convenience and fast, etc. By installing different powerheads, different functional actions can be realized and applied to different construction scenarios, so that the excavator can realize the function of one machine with multiple functions, which greatly increases the working range of the excavator and improves the efficiency of the excavator.

Features of Drilling Rig Transformed by Excavator

1. High degree of integration, integrating power system, walking system, and drilling system into one, and can work independently without relying on external energy;

2. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. The hydraulic system of the excavator can be used for modification without destroying the working performance of the excavator. It can quickly convert functions between the excavator and the drilling rig to achieve multi-functional and multi-scene applications.

Advantages of the combination of self-drilling rock bolt and drilling rig transformed by excavator

1. The excavation and modification hydraulic drilling rig has good environmental adaptability. The independent power system and the crawler-type walking system have low external dependence so that the drilling rig can easily enter the environment with complex terrain and harsh construction conditions for construction;

2. The construction range is wide, the lifting height is about 9 meters, the construction work surface is large, and the excavator arm can be controlled without moving equipment to realize a large-scale operation. When drilling self-drilling bolts, multiple rows of holes can be drilled at one time, but also horizontal, vertical, oblique, and negative angle punching.

Common modification forms and application scenarios

1. Converted to hydraulic rock drilling rig or down-the-hole drilling rig for the reinforcement of foundation works such as slopes and foundation pits, or for blasting holes in tunnels and mines;

2. Converted to an auger rig for the construction of foundations such as bridges or high-rise buildings.

The above are several main advantages and application scenarios of self-drilling rock bolts introduced by Sinorock for excavating hydraulic drilling rigs. In many geotechnical anchoring projects, especially in some construction sites with complex terrain, excavation and modification of hydraulic drilling rigs play an irreplaceable role.

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