Brief introduction of drilling rigs and its current situation for self-drilling anchor bolt

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In the geotechnical anchoring industry, drilling rigs are important construction tools. Here we will learn about rock drilling rigs.


The term “drill rig” in the geotechnical anchorage industry refers to drilling rig that drills into the rock. According to different rock breaking methods, it is divided into three types: percussive drill rig, roller drill rig, and cutting drill rig.

  • Percussive drill rig

Percussive drilling rig is one that mainly impacts on the rock, supplemented by rotary motion, and at the same time applies a certain axial force to break rock. Percussive drills are also often called rock drilling machines. According to the position of impact action, it is divided into DTH type and top hammer type.

Percussive drilling rig

DTH drilling rig refers to the drilling rig with DTH impactor at the bottom of the drill rod. The piston in the impactor directly impacts the drill bit while applying a certain axial force to break the rock.

Top hammer drilling rig refers to one where the impactor is on the top of the drill rod. The piston in the impactor impacts the drill pipe. The shock wave is transmitted to the drill bit through the drill pipe, and a certain axial force is applied to break the rock at the same time. For example air-leg rock drills, outrigger hydraulic rock drills, hydraulic rock drill rigs, etc.

  • Roller drill rig

The drilling rig takes rotation as the main function, and impact as the auxiliary function, and at the same time applies a large axial pressure to break the rock. For example, mining roller rigs, oil rigs and so on.

Roller drill rig

  • Cutting drill rig

The drilling rig is mainly used for rotary cutting, while applying a small shaft pressure to break the rock. For example, rotary drilling rigs, geological core drilling rigs, etc.

Cutting drilling rig

The current situation of drill rig for self-drilling anchor bolt:

Self-drilling anchor bolt technology originated from foreign countries, and its application in foreign countries is relatively mature. Air-leg rock drill rigs, hydraulic rock drill rigs and other top hammer drill rigs are mostly used. In domestic construction, the application of self-drilling anchor bolts is in its initial stage.

At present, the main drilling equipment is to refit the down-the-hole drilling rigs. Usually, a drill tail bushing is installed between the drilling rig impactor and the hollow bar for transition. Although it can also meet the drilling needs, the construction efficiency is low. During the construction of the Zhengzhou-Wanzhou High-speed Railway, a three-arm rock drilling rig was used to drill the self-drilling bolts of KELLEG, which greatly improved the construction efficiency. Therefore, if self drilling anchor bolt technology is to be better promoted and applied in China, the drilling rig needs to be continuously optimized and improved.

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