Don't Let Regular Soap Be the Reason of Your Baby's Skin Irritations

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Mothers today have a power that must be exercised wisely - an abundance of choice when it comes to baby products! However, with such a wide range of options comes the sheer difficulty of deciding on what we should really use on our little one's skin. After all, most products promise (read, claim) similar results. How can you find out what's really best for your baby? 

Your baby's skin is a lot more sensitive than yours. So, before you use that regular soap on your baby's delicate skin, it's time you think again. When it comes to choosing baby soap, extra caution is required since it is one such product that is used on your baby’s entire body. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Less is more

A new-born’s skin is soft and delicate. Following a proper skincare routine and bathing can help maintain the health and texture of the baby's skin while also providing a pleasant experience for both the parent and the baby. Contrary to popular thought, babies don't really need a bath every single day. 

With all the diaper changes and wiping of the mouth and nose after feedings, babies hardly even get dirty. With young babies, however, bathing them for about two to three days a week would be enough. In fact, any additional bathing could dry out your baby's skin. 

Consider organic ingredients

Regular soaps usually contain heavy surfactants that create a soapy lather, deodorants that eliminate body odor and fragrances. Your little one doesn't need these things and using them on your baby's skin may actually irritate their skin. In fact, using regular adult soap on your baby's delicate, soft skin is likely to leave it dry, red, or patchy. 

Using soaps that are based on vegetable oils or a certified organic baby soap can actually work wonders on your little one's delicate skin. So, while shopping for soaps, baby shampoos, or lotions, it is recommended to look for organic ingredients before placing the final order. 

Skip the antibacterial soap

Here's one of the most important and basic facts: your baby's skin is 3 times more delicate than yours and hence, requires only the gentlest, most reassuring care. Hence, stepped in with its incredible range of certified organic baby care skin care products such as its certified organic baby soap, which is a gentle blend of super-pure ingredients such as organic jojoba, olive, and chamomile!

Avoid fragrances

While that bottle of baby shampoo might smell more refreshing or clean, the fragrance is most likely the result of many chemicals working together. Allergens and irritants in fragrances are a leading cause of skin reactions in babies as they can absolutely dry out a baby's skin. It is always important to watch out for the word fragrance when listed as an ingredient on a baby body care product. 

To all the mothers out there, all you have to remember is what's important is to choose products that are constituted of organic ingredients. Whether you're looking for an organic baby oil or a moisturising baby lotion, you must ensure that the product you're using on your baby's skin helps in cleansing, moisturising, and protecting their skin all at once! 

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