Does software development in 2020 ever be so profitable?

by Bob F. CCO

You may say that it is always hard to predict the future. And that nobody knows what from the tech sector in 2020. 

Admittedly, 2020 is a very different year. But it is still possible to analyze the previous years’ tendencies, see the current trends and make projections on how the situation in software development could develop this year.

To date, the predictions are rather positive. Despite all the market challenges, software development is expected to be profitable this year. 

On the other hand, not all the areas of software development are going to shine, but only the most trendy ones.

Let’s have a look at the most profitable software development domains of 2020.

Most Profitable Programming languages

The programming technologies are constantly developing, updating and that’s not a surprise that people tend to pay for the most modern and for the latest technologies.

Among the leading and thus most profitable technologies of 2020 are Python, Ruby, and such minor programming technologies as Rust, TypeScript, Kotilin, and Swift.

  • Python. One of the development trends of 2020 is Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, and natural language processing. The idea is that nowadays all these tech innovations usually demand Python. Therefore, this year the Python popularity will only continue to grow.

  • Ruby. A while ago Ruby and Ruby on Rails used to be among the most wanted technologies, then these technologies began to fade.

2020 will be a big year for the whole Ruby community. This December, the world will meet the Ruby 3: the great upgrade of the programming language that will include faster speed, performance optimization, better memory, and CPU performance, and adding a static type checker to validate input data. All these improvements will definitely make Ruby profitable again.

  • Rust, TypeScript, Kotilin, and Swift. StackOverflow research states that the top Rust, TypeScript, Kotilin, and Swift are expected to rise in 2020. Thus we can expect pretty high rates of development in these technologies.

Web frameworks

According to the StackOverflow survey, it was discovered that jQuery is the most broadly used web framework of 2019. Besides, a big number of developers said that they mostly use such frameworks as React.js and Angular.

  • jQuery obtains 48.7% of popularity. An open-source and distributed under the MIT License, this JS library greatly simplifies JavaScript programming. 

  • ReactJs has 31.3% of frameworks’ popularity. React is perfect for building interactive user interfaces; it can serve as a base of single-page or mobile applications. 

  • AngularJS owns 30.7%  of frameworks’ popularity. This framework designed to handle the tasks related to one-page application development.

Based on the assumption that jQuery, ReactJs, AngularJS were growing pretty rapidly last year and the trend was continuing at the beginning of 2020, we can say that these frameworks will be one of the most profitable in the software development world in 2020.

Cloud computing

According to Oxford dictionary, cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. 

Over the last years, cloud computing became popular not only among startups, but also among large government organizations, mining and healthcare projects, and even banks.

According to the recent Gartner research, the worldwide public cloud service revenue is forecasted to rise to 266.4 billion by the end of 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Check out any article about future trends in software development and you will read about artificial intelligence there. Some say AI is hype, but Artificial Intelligence is indeed our current reality and immediate future.

2020 is a year of TensorFlow 2.0, an open-source machine learning platform. The technology was released back in September 2019, but it is shining now. 

TensorFlow 2.0 now supports:

  • comprehensive ecosystem

  • deployment to any platform

  • tools for developers, enterprises, and researchers

  • scalable ML-powered applications

Edge computing

Edge computing is a highly-distributed computing infrastructure. Nowadays, large companies from different countries and along various industries are moving towards cloud computing, while edge computing may appear a future of cloud computing.

The common benefits of edge computing comprise:

  • Cost Savings

  • Speed

  • Scalability

  • Greater Reliability

  • Latency

  • Security

Edge computing is predicted to be on the rise as an upgrade to cloud computing capabilities. In fact, the worldwide Edge computing market is predicted to grow to 26.84 billion USD by 2025, so 2020 is the most profitable time to start working with edge computing.


Well, there are lots of situations when great ideas vanish because there no resources or knowledge to implement them.

Sometimes great companies give up on their products just because they cannot code them into real products. low-code/no-code is a solution to this issue.

Basically, low-code/no-code is an attempt to lower the barrier into software development. It aims to conduct software development with no code or with minimal code. Low-code makes it possible for people who are not programmers to develop various apps, both web, and mobile. And that’s exactly what the world was looking for. And more importantly, low-code/no-code is what the World is ready to pay for.

low-code/No-code helps to:

  • Build your own applications without hiring developers;

  • Implement projects of different types including websites, mobile apps, newsletters, blogs, web applications;

  • Create UI interfaces;

  • Reach rapid and simple development.

The truth be told, no-code development can be used only with pretty small projects that do not require much customization.

In conclusion, software development was profitable, it is profitable now and going to be profitable in 2020. On the other hand, some technologies are going to lead and bring more revenue.

Thus the success of the software development business depends on what technologies are used and in which domains the company operates.

In this article you can find the most popular and profitable technologies and of software development in 2020:

  • Cloud computing

  • Artificial intelligence: TensorFlow 2.0 and Python.

  • Edge computing

  • Programming languages: Python, Ruby, Rust, TypeScript, Kotilin, and Swift.

  • Web frameworks: React, AngularJS and JQuery 

  • Low-Code/No-Code

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