Binomo Review India – is Binomo Real or Fake?

by Bob F. CCO

Binomo is one of the world's most popular brokers that offers an online trading platform where financial investors can earn additional income. It is managed by Dolphin Corp, a company that was founded in 2014 and registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Its online trading platform is designed to accommodate both beginners and professionals.

Binomo real or fake

This is a very important question at the back of every investor looking for an online trading platform since there are very many scams. 

Binomo is a category A member of the International Financial Commission, the regulatory authority of the Belize government. This shows that it is a legit broker.

Since its foundation in 2014, Binomo has earned several awards due to its great services. It has been awarded FE awards and IAIR awards.

It also offers a demo account where new clients can test its trading platform before investing with it.

Is binomo legal in India?

Binomo is open to Indians who may want to invest with it.

It allows Indians to access Binomo in Hindi so that they can easily manoeuvre within the platform. 

How to use Binomo

Binomo platform is very easy to use. Traders can  forecast the changes in the market prices on a variety of financial assets and benefit from fixed profitability within  short timeframes.

Traders choose the asset they want to trade, choose the duration of time they want their trade to last, how much they want to invest in each trade and then predict the direction of price movement (whether up or down) to place a short (down) or along (up).

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The platform also offers investors with an overview of the majority opinion of whether the market is going up or down.

The platform also provides clients with a variety of tools to help them during trading. These tools include indicators, strategies on how to combine the indicators and also how to interpret the signals from the indicators, and an economic calendar showing major economic events around the world.

However, for you to use Binomo online trading platform, you will have to first register for an account.

Registration and Binomo sign in

Registering for a Binomo account is very easy. Visit their official website and click on the ‘Sign in’ button at the top right corner. 

To register, you will be required to provide your email address and the currency you want to use as the base currency. Then click the ‘Create Account’ button.


You will be automatically redirected into the Binomo demo account that is funded with $1000 or equivalent in the chosen currency.

You can trade on the demo account as long as you want. 

If you want to trade on a real account, you will require to verify your profile through an emailed link address, make a deposit and choose the account type.

Account type

Besides the demo account, Binomo offers three other account types. The Standard account, the gold account and the VIP account. 

All three accounts have different features.

The standard account requires an account balance of $10, clients receive a deposit bonus of 100%, withdrawals take a maximum of 3 days and profitability is up to 85% (in case of the correct forecast).

The gold account requires a minimum account balance of $500, clients receive a deposit bonus of 150%, withdrawals take a maximum of 24 hours depending on the withdrawal method, profitability (in case of the correct forecast)  is 90% and there is also a 5% cashback.

The VIP account requires a minimum account balance of $1000, clients receive a deposit bonus of 200%, withdrawals take a maximum of 4 hours depending on the withdrawal method, profitability (in case of the correct forecast) is 90% and there is a 10% cashback. 

You do not have to achieve the minimum balance requirements of the Gold and VIP account in one deposit. It can be attained by accumulating the balance through trading. Once the balance is attained you can upgrade to the next account type.


There are a variety of options for making deposits in Binomo depending on the clients’ location. These options include bank cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

The method used to make a deposit is the same method that can be used to make a withdrawal.

What is Binomo app

You can download Binomo App from PlayStore and App Store to use Binomo on your smartphone. 

However, it is important to note that the mobile application has less financial instruments to trade and less functionality compared to the web platform.


If you want to download the mobile application as an APK, you can download Binomo APK from the official website. 


Binomo also has a training section where traders can access Binomo tutorials in the form of video tutorials and glossary of terms they may encounter in their experience in Binomo.

To access the education section, click on the three dash lines on the top left corner, then click Training and choose between video tutorial and glossary of terms

Why you should try Binomo

Binomo is your honest trading partner. It is a legit broker and the minimum deposit required to start is only $10.

It also offers tournaments to its traders where they can compete and earn an additional income.

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Radzha S. Junior  Consultant
Let's face the real fact here. The Internet is a place full of outright scammers and brokers ready to defraud people of their hard-earned funds. So I can blame anyone who wants to believe that Binomo is just another platform for scamming people. It takes time to earn people's trust, and that's just the situation here with Binomo, especially in India. Even though Binomo has its own flaws (nothing in this world can ever perfect, by the way), which might be a big concern to many, but it is still one outstanding broker that you want to trade on. There are many areas where Binomo actually shines; you have to get on it to enjoy it.
Oct 13th 2020 23:22   
Anvar Gandi Junior  Consultant
When I recently joined Binomo, I actually didn't know much about what it was all about, the platform, the Binomo login, the demo account, and everything that every beginner has to start with. The fact that I was on my way to getting financial freedom was exciting. I learned a lot from the educational resources that were offered on the website. I must say that they were really enlightening; I practiced a lot with the demo account, it took me a lot of time to get better. But now I've started real trading, and I've been some profits already. Whew!
Oct 19th 2020 22:04   
Surim Savvat Junior  Consultant
Is Binomo a legitimate or safe broker? This is the question that has always been bothering me for a long time now. I have many friends joining all these other trading platforms in India, but I just feel like Binomo has a lot to offer because of how the platform looks like to me, all the different accounts, demo, standard, VIP, Gold, and other accounts. I find it hard to believe that it is a scam. In summary, I started trading, and now my friends ask me to teach them how I've been getting all these incomes I'm making from the platform. I'm so happy that I didn't give up on Binomo.
Oct 28th 2020 23:51   
Farid Ganzha Junior  Web Designer
I have seen many trading platforms and done many trading myself, so I know what I'm saying when I say that Binomo is really good. Usually, everyone needs to realize that online trading is not for the faint-hearted. It is the most speculative and risky endeavors that anyone can take up in the financial markets. The exchanges are very volatile; you can't really be sure, anything can happen. Another factor is to use a very reliable online trading platform, and I can assure you that Binomo has all that you need to make lots of additional income. But be ready for the good and the bad.
Oct 29th 2020 01:34   
Adin Salmar Junior  Consultant
Who would have thought that I would ever invest with the Binomo broker? At many points in time, I have spoken against it because I did not fully understand what it is. Then I came across a Binomo review in India on the Internet and decided to try. I liked that they have a demo account to which you do not need to deposit your money to practice trading. Binomo is good with all the free training, and I learned and mastered new strategies without the fear of losing my money. I have not tried the real trading yet, but I think I will try to master it soon. And I don't know the reason why some people say that Binomo is a scam. In my personal experience so far, I can say that it is a safe, legal platform.
Oct 29th 2020 05:55   
Anit Anant Junior  Consultant
There are just no good negative reviews against Binomo. Although I saw a few negative reviews about the broker on other review websites, most of these complaints are about traders' technical difficulties. Most of the bad reviews are by a few ignorant traders who lost money to trade recklessly on Binomo. Binomo is a reliable online trading company with an excellent trading platform, and it processes all fund withdrawals within 24 hours. Hence, it wouldn't be wise to take those few negative reviews as a flaw with the Binomo platform.
Oct 29th 2020 06:49   
Kamal Radzh Junior  Broker
It is tough to tell if Binomo is a scam or not. The reason why I said that is because there are various aspects that we would have to consider very carefully before we can come to such conclusions. Remember that online trading is never for the inexperienced dabbling into things they have no idea about; it is for the financially intelligent ones. So when you delve into online trading, and you lose all your funds in just one blink, you can't come here to say that the platform scammed you, no you just scammed yourself. Binomo is a registered brokerage company, and that means it is being regulated accordingly.
Oct 29th 2020 09:12   
Dipak Fattih Junior  Broker
Nobody should believe all these lies that Binomo is a fraud, that's not true. I'm very familiar with all these trading options, and I can tell you confidently that what you really need is the trading skills. Binomo is actually great as an online trading platform. Just that people are so hasty, they want to start making six figures the following week. It requires trading expertise. When I was working with the demo account, I made gains even though sometimes I made losses. I learned much from the demo account trading, and now I'm a lot better.
Oct 30th 2020 06:38   
Debdan Samvat Junior  HR manager
I recently read some news about Binomo getting tied up with Thomas Reuters. That's just fascinating. Do you know that Thomas and Reuters is one of the best liquidity providers in the market? That means Binomo will be able to give all traders the best price quotes on assets. That's just mind-blowing. Binomo, as a company, is a young and dynamic company that provides its global customers with a reliable service. Hence, traders can rest assured that the price quote of assets on the terminal are precise as they are updated from Thomson and Reuters.
Oct 30th 2020 09:03   
Ragu Lath Junior  Dealer
If there's anything I actually like about Binomo despite all that people say about them, that will be their customer support. The customer service support they offer is really topnotch, I believe it's actually available 24/7, and I just love them for that. I had issues with withdrawing some of my funds, and they quickly attended to the situation. It was resolved before I even had the chance to start worrying at all. I also enjoyed the free training materials that were provided on the Binomo website. I must say that those materials really helped me a lot to even get started on the demo trading then the real one.
Oct 31st 2020 01:41   
Arun Halib Junior  Consultant
For people who actually know little about Binomo, especially those who think that it's just some guys who came together and developed a website and mobile app to rob people of their money, that is not true. Binomo is actually a registered brokerage company, and it has been established for many years now. In fact, they have their own headquarter building where you can contact them. If they were trying to scam people, they wouldn't register a company and a headquarter building. These are some of the things people just don't know, and they keep speculating. It's just not right at all.
Nov 1st 2020 10:00   
Nanda Burman Junior  Broker
To think that Binomo actually complies with FMRRC and International Financial Commission and yet people are screaming that it is a scam, what a joke. This means that the company performs its business as per these regulators' recommendations and complies with its international audits.
Nov 2nd 2020 04:55   
Varadat Varma Junior  Broker
Hello everyone, let me share some things I just found out from my personal research on the Binomo trading platform. I just discovered that the broker actually has about nine hundred thousand active online traders per day. That's massive, and how is that even possible if people are actually getting scammed. I'm very sure that that is a lot more than any other brokers out there. I also read that in a week, the company has about 30 million complete trades, which is on a global scale. I'm so wowed. I just laugh when people say things like you can't make any income from it, you only lose. People really don't know what they don't know.
Nov 2nd 2020 12:00   
Suman Varma Junior  Auditor
Binomo is a company that observes transparency in all its trading activity, safety, and security of clients' funds. As a Category, A broker, the company gives an assurance of high-quality service and smooth transactions. You can forward your complaints against Binomo to IFC, who assures the clients up to $20,000 as compensation if the broker is ever found guilty. What more could anyone ask for?
Nov 3rd 2020 04:58   
Dulip Gupta Junior  Consultant
If you want to check for an excellent online trading platform, you need to know the factors that are relevant to that. One essential factor to watch out for is their payment discipline. If a trading company lacks a steady payment discipline, that's a bad sign for any trading service providing company. Binomo does the processing of the withdrawals within 24 hours. The amount withdrawn gets to your e-wallet within 3-4 hours of placing the payment request. And it may take up to 2 or 5 days for the withdrawn money to get to your bank account, which is the time taken by the financial banks and payment gateways involved to complete necessary processing.
Nov 3rd 2020 08:14   
Amar Anand Junior  Broker
Hi guys! Just here to comment about Binomo. To start with, I'm very skeptical about things like making money online or online trading platforms or broker services until when my best friend began to tell me about the extra income he has been making with the platform. That was when I started doing my in-depth research on the company. I got really interested when I found out that the company even won a FE award in 2015 and the IAIR awards in 2016. Wow! Then it dawned on me that, if they were actually scamming people, it would have been impossible to win awards while doing that. I joined the platform and began trading; the fact is I've been enjoying it ever since.
Nov 4th 2020 02:30   
Bazant Gandi Junior  Auditor
To be honest, Binomo is actually a safe, legal platform for trading. With all the research I've done on this company, I couldn't find anything that wasn't well placed about it. It is a registered company with the number 25151 IBC 2018, under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. They also have a physical location that is track-able, and you can visit, unlike many online scammers who can never be traced out. I have invested some of my cash into it, and I have been trading well and had some losses. I understand I need to still learn a lot to trade better and give a good forecast.
Nov 4th 2020 08:52   
Rav Gotra Junior  Consultant
It took me a long time to start making meaningful progress with my trading on the Binomo demo account. At some point, I got exhausted, I couldn't take it anymore. The fact was that if I'm making losses on the demo account, how will I make any profit with the real account? I had to hold on with the platform altogether. Then I found some video training on Youtube, so I started practicing what I learned there. I didn't expect such a smooth transformation; I began to understand the charts better and using the analytics to make a correct forecast. That's how I got back on Binomo till today.
Nov 5th 2020 12:18   
Karan Mendi Junior  Auditor
I wonder if Indians recognize te the fact that they are the ones enjoying Binomo the most. It is funny when I see a lot of them saying that it is a fraud. Binomo has started to accept Indian local payment systems, including PayTM, NetBanking, IndianCash, UPI, IMPS, and Globe Pay, to fund the trading accounts. This has made Binomo the most popular Broker company in India with so many easy to fund payment systems.
Nov 6th 2020 05:28   
Narinder Anand Junior  Broker
Should anyone ever trust Binomo as a broker? Is it not just another scam that is camouflaging as a licensed brokerage company? These are not easy questions to answer straight on, but some bare facts to consider will help you make the right decisions. Binomo, since its establishment, has been a recipient of various major financial awards among other trading companies. If that means anything at all, it tells you about their credibility and how well established they actually are to be found worthy of such significant awards. The platform records more than tens of millions of successful trades taking place every week. You might want to have a rethink about Binomo.
Nov 6th 2020 09:47   
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