Does Lasik Cause Night Vision Problem

by Romil Chaudhary Romil Chaudhary

To begin with, you will find Lasik surgery very popular today. The reason behind this is with the development in technology, today Lasik surgery has become very easy and convenient eye surgery for you. You can easily go through Lasik surgery without having any trouble. However, make sure that you visit an eye specialist in Delhi before going through surgery. You should always be careful with your eye as it is a sensitive area. Luckily, Lasik surgery is safe for you. Generally, many of you might think that after going through Lasik surgery, your vision will be normal as it was before. Although your eyes are improved by Lasik surgery, sometimes you need to wear zero power glasses for reducing eye strain on your eyes.  

Furthermore, you might hear about the side effects of night vision after Lasik Surgery. As a result, you might wonder if laser treatment for the eyes is good or bad ( Luckily, many people have stated that their night vision is sharper after Lasik Surgery.  You can have sharper night vision after Lasik surgery compared to when you wear glasses or contact lenses. You will find that the problems of night vision have been decreased after Lasik surgery. Usually, you will notice that almost 95% of people achieve the goal and have improved vision after Lasik Surgery. 

Night Vision Problems After Lasik Surgery:

Now, when you go through Lasik surgery, the chances of you getting night vision problems are very low. Mainly because not everyone who goes through Lasik surgery undergoes any issues related to night vision. Usually, with many reports, Lasik surgery has only been proven good for you. However, sometimes you might face some night vision issues. Luckily, these are temporary issues. In addition to that, these issues are also easily treatable. When you go through such issues, it is considered a healing process for you. These issues will disappear after some time and you can continue enjoying your vision. Although, if you are too concerned about your vision, it is better that you visit your ophthalmologist. This will help you determine if there is a major issue or not. 

Furthermore, common night vision problems include halos, glare, and starbursts. Usually, such problems can create difficulty for you while driving. So, it is better that you avoid driving at night after Lasik surgery for a few days. 

Now as mentioned above, glare, starbursts, halos, and difficulty seeing in dim lights are normal problems after you go through Lasik surgery. Mainly because your cornea starts swelling after you go through Lasik surgery. Unfortunately, sometimes you might face night vision problems even after the recovery time. Here is the reason why you are going through such problems:

  1. Enlarged pupils;

Usually, sometimes when you go through Lasik surgery, the pupil of your eye expands than required. It means the size of your pupil is increased compared to the treatment zone. This can cause you constant problems with night vision. Generally, when your pupil is expanded, the light can pass through your eye causing halos and glare. 

  1. Problems of Corneal flap;

Now, when you go through Lasik surgery a corneal flap is produced by a laser. So, sometimes this corneal flap does not bond properly to your eye after it is replaced. So, when this happens it causes the light to bend imperfectly. As a result, this causes a night vision problem for you.

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