Does Heat Reflective Paint Really work?

by Protexion Services Protective Coating and Solution Provider

Heat reflective paint is solution of cooling down your roof. This is because the paint has the ability to reflect solar radiation. It removes solar heat before it enters the building while drawing out excess heat. As a result, your structure may benefit from improved insulation. It protects your roof from thermal shock and corrosion, which helps it last longer. Heat reflective roof paint can even raise the value of your property.

Protexion the protective coating and solution provider offer heat reflective coating’s heatseal promises to reduce transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the houses, working places, flooring etc. comfortable by keeping them cool in summer. When you use this paint you won’t need to use air conditioning. It can save you up to 40% on your utility bill or reduce your energy consumption by 25%.

How heat reflective paint works?

To understand how heat reflective paint works, we must first look at energy spectrums. There is a spectrum of energy that comes from the sun. Another is derived from building materials as well as those of the earth. All objects emit energy to varying degrees. Solar energy is emitted in both the visible and infrared spectrums.

Conduction, convection, and radiation are the three methods by which energy is transferred. An insulation R-value, air-tightness layers, and a radiant barrier can all be used to counteract each energy transfer. Each energy transfer has the potential to impact the energy efficiency of a building's floors, walls, and ceiling. Radiant barriers can include metallic surfaces, Low-E films, and white paints. As you may already know, the high solar reflectance of white paint minimizes the absorption of direct energy from the sun. This is known as the albedo effect. Therefore, it is safe to say that white paint does help save energy.

Does Heat Reflective Paint Keep a Building Warm in winter?

No, heat reflective paint will not keep you warm during the cold winter months. The reason for this is straightforward. The name "heat reflective paint" tells you everything you need to know. The paint is solar reflective, which is a visible part of the energy spectrum. It does not reflect infrared light. A home naturally loses some of its heat during the winter. It escapes the roof via infrared radiation and is released into the atmosphere.

Heat reflective paint is a type of coating that can reflect solar radiation. For those who are concerned about the environment, this type of coating is a viable option. It significantly reduces a building's carbon dioxide emissions. It can help you reduce your household's energy consumption while also lowering your utility bill. The coating is appropriate for a variety of roof types, including metal and tile.

If you are looking to apply heat reflective roof paint, get in touch with Protexion heat reflective paint today. Even if reflective paint isn’t right for you, we’ll help you find the solution you need to for a cooler, more energy efficient home.


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