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Fire Resistant Paint

Fire resistant paint is designed to stop spreading the flame and fire over a given surface by releasing a flame dampening gas once the paint becomes hot. It is suitable for both interior and exterior steel and it should be fully fire tested against safety standards. Protexion’s fire resistant paint and coating are waterborne and can be applied to any wood-based substrate through a traditional coating process. Our solution ensures that the wood products material follows the most strict fire safety requirements without reducing its quality or expense.

It is necessary to use fire proof paint in some places, such as hotels, schools or other public facilities, to ensure that all relevant laws and regulations are complied with. The lifespan of the fire retardant paint is different for every brand and its type. Fire retardant paint increases the susceptibility of the painted layer to deformation and slows down fire exposure. The coating of the preparation, which covers, for example, steel structures at a temperature of 200-250 degrees Celsius, transforms into compact foam which decreases the heat flow in the material and thus slows down the temperature rise and the loss of its carrying properties.

The main characteristics of fire resistant paint are as follows:

·         It reduces flammability and combustion of building materials it coats.

·         Fire-retardant paint does not prevent fires from occurring, but delays the expansion of fires.

·         There are different types and, depending on each type, it can be applied on metal, wood, lacquered surfaces, etc.

·         It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

·         It can be applied with spray gun, brush or roller.

When fire resistant paint is used in exterior applications, this coating is subjected to changes in temperature, humidity, solar radiation and other weathering factors. This weathering can negatively impact the fire-resistant performance due to surface erosion or other forms of coating degradation, potentially resulting in a reduction of the fire-proof properties before the end of the anticipated effective service life. For this reason, the experiment was planned to test improvements in the fire efficiency of coatings added to an otherwise untreated wood substrate as a result of outdoor weathering.

Fire retardant paints are applied to combustible materials (wood, plastic, foam) and are designed to reduce the rate of flame spread. Typically they are based on silicone, casein or vinyl resins. They look like paints and are formulated to be applied as paints. They do burn, can generate smoke, do not have high temperature resistance and would vaporize under test conditions designed for fire resistant coatings.

Fire resistant coatings provide insulation to the substrate. Fire resistant paint work by expanding their volume from 15 to 30 times and generating an ash-like char layer that erodes as fire exposure continues. Expansion then happens again, with the number of times the process repeats itself depending on the thickness of the coating. The shape of the structural steel would have an effect on the expansion and formation of the carbon.

If you are looking for fire resistant paint, you have come to the right place. Protexion is the leading supplier of fire resistant paints and fire proof coatings. The chance of a fire occurring at your property is always a worry that is why we supply a wide range of fire resistant products that can be used in domestic, commercial and public properties. When you buy fire retardant products from Protexion you can ensure that your property is safe and protected as much as possible. If you have any questions about fire resistant paint and your project, be sure to get in touch with the technical team at Protexion who can provide expert advice.

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