Documents You Must Possess to Move Your Case Forward

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Almost every Parrish auto accident attorney has some form of checklist anyone involved in an accident should follow. The points are not “secrets,” every attorney knows them, but sometimes priorities get lost in the chaos of a post-accident environment; one area this frequently happens are the documents you need to collect as soon as you can after an accident. Here they are.

Police Report

There are usually two versions of this. The first are notes from an officer immediately after they take statements and observe the scene; these frequently are informal, can have spelling errors, etc., and you will probably have to ask for them specifically before you get them. The second is the official report. It is always good to get both so you can compare the two and identify any errors or discrepancies. The informal report can occasionally shed light on the initial disposition of the officer. The latter can help you formulate any associated legal strategies you need.

A police report will also have pertinent data that you might not have at your fingertips and some you most certainly will not. These include the date and time of the accident, location, witness statements, accident diagrams and subsequent investigatory follow-up. You will also be able to get the other involved party’s insurance information, which can save you a lot of time and headache tracking down.


Photographs of the scene often can shed light on the environment, surroundings, distractions and other pertinent data. Make sure you take as many photographs of the scene as you can or have a friend or family member do it on your behalf. Sometimes, these photos can alter the trajectory of a case by verifying mitigating circumstances that led to the crash.

Citations Related to the Accident

The easiest way to ascertain responsibility for an accident is through any traffic tickets or citations that were issued. Insurance companies will often try and inject their own rendition of an accident, designed to minimize their liability. A traffic ticket stops that supposition as it is the official record of the infraction(s) that led to the accident.

Medical Records and Invoices

These can be a royal pain to have to collect. They also can be invaluable to your case, especially if you are pursuing a negligence lawsuit. Being able to prove you have done all you need to do to address an injury as well as to document the extent of that injury can be invaluable to your efforts, whether negotiating with an insurance company or using them in court.

Your Parrish auto accident attorney can help you assemble the proper documents needed to pursue a successful case. You can help them by making sure you have these handy from the initial consultation onward.

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