DIY Restaurant Hood Repair: Repairing a Faulty Restaurant Hood System

by Qarah Ict Qarah ICT

The restaurant hood is among the ever-dependable kitchen confidants. It helps us prepare our meals conveniently every day. I most love this cooking device over others because it can exhaust smoke and food smell out of the house. Although, due to wear and tear and the constant usage of the device, we cannot help but encounter problems. The most common of them is a clogged exhaust system. The following paragraphs will give you tips on managing the problem without professional help.

If your restaurant hood does not properly remove smoke and food smells from your kitchen, it could be most likely due to a faulty fan or a clogged exhaust duct. The good news is that restaurant hood repair doesn't take much time or expertise. Below is are what you should do:

How to Unclog the Oil Filter or Exhaust Duct

1. Remove the oil filter off the restaurant hood. This can be done by slipping it out from the clips holding it to the device.

2. Prepare a plastic pan filled with hot, soapy water and a half cup of ammonia and submerge the grease filter. Please leave it to soak until clean and free from dirt deposits, then rinse it thoroughly and set it aside to dry.

3. Detach the exhaust fan. The fan can be detached by unscrewing it using a screwdriver and socket from the hood. Ensure to turn off the exhaust fan before performing this step.

4. Clean the fan blades. Please do this by soaking an old toothbrush into the cleaning mixture (ammonia-water) and then grazing it into the fan blades. Use hand gloves when applying to avoid unnecessary injuries.

5. Clean the interior of the exhaust ductwork. You can apply a plumber's snake with a heavy rag tied around the end to do this effectively. Push the snake through the ductwork. Dip the rag in the ammonia and water mixture, and then run it through the ductwork. Cleanse the rag and repeat the operation until the duct appears to be clean.

6. Clean the exhaust hood attached outside the house. Scrub off any grime and grit around the flapper plate using the old toothbrush and ammonia-water solution. The goal in this step is to ensure that the plate moves freely when you're done. A stuck flapper plate is also why your range hood exhaust is not functioning properly.

We recognize how easy it is to overlook this equipment from a maintenance perspective. When a range hood is not routinely cleaned and maintained, it can cause major problems and possibly even a fire.

Below is a list of helpful signs telling you it is time for commercial restaurant hood repair or maintenance.

-Opening the door to the facility is difficult

-You have a haze lingering in the kitchen or dining area

-Smoke hovers

-You find yourself constantly changing the temperature control settings

-Odors from outside are present in the building

-Inconsistent heating or cooling throughout your facility

-An abundance of dust or dirt is visible.

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