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Deskless workforce are the employees who are not seated behind a desk for working. In fact, they are like field employees who are on the move, or work at multiple locations. On-site technicians, field sales representatives, delivery drivers, blue-collar workers, and home healthcare providers, are some of the common examples. 

Additionally, these employees seem to have penetrated companies of all sizes in nearly every industry, and their rate is rising quickly. Therefore, it is highly relevant to turn your website into an app to keep them engaged with your company and unite your workforce. Design your mobile app to accommodate the needs of both blue-collar workers and field employees. 

As per the recent study published by Forbes, about 80% of the workforce is considered deskless

In that sense, if you also work with deskless employees, you will need to leverage the appropriate technology to change the way in which you manage them. 

Your deskless workforce needs an app, as you cannot treat your remote employees the same way as your in-house employees. With that being said, a mobile app will eventually benefit your entire workforce. 

Let’s understand the benefits of building an app for your deskless workforce:

Improves communication

Communication is the key to success.

79% of employees in the United States, for example, say that they are more likely to hear about something through word-of-mouth in the office rather than official communication from the management. Moreover, nearly 50% of all workers are not satisfied with how management communicates with them. And, these are the most significant communication issues in the workplace.

In the case of a deskless workforce, you cannot stop by their desk to give them instructions, or you cannot expect them to be at all meetings either

Therefore, a mobile app can help to keep these employees in the loop and eliminate friction in the communication process. Moreover, with push notifications and announcements within the app, your deskless employees can be informed in real-time. This also ensures that they will always still be a part of the team and have access to a clear set of instructions, no matter where they are. 

Futureproofing closes gaps

You cannot afford to fall behind the latest technology trends. Failure to adapt the technology will lead to problems down the road. Also, learning how to make use of technology will help you close any gaps or inefficiencies in the workplace.

With this learning, you can easily manage your deskless employees. You really need to take advantage of the technology that your employees are already using daily

96% of Americans own a smartphone. A mobile app makes it easier for your deskless employees to have access to useful resources, guides, customer information, and more in their palms. 

Moreover, with a mobile app, employees can communicate with team members and keep track of workflow progress and updating schedules. 

Appeals to millennials

Millennials have become the largest generation, and by 2030, 75% of the total workforce will be comprised of millennials only, which is not that far away.

Simply put, in the coming years, the majority of your total workforce will be comprised of deskless employees. To keep your staff happy, you need to work in their best interests. 

Additionally, if you do not have the technology to survive moving forward, your workforce will leave you. 

While millennials are extremely tech-savvy, they are also eager and willing to use technology to improve processes in their personal and professional lives. Therefore, if you are offering them a mobile app, they will welcome it with open arms. 

Boosts employee engagement and satisfaction

A happy employee will get more engaged. Therefore, keeping your employees happy can be challenging.

In this sense, the needs of the deskless workforce cannot be overlooked. 

According to a survey, only 56% of the deskless employees say that they feel connected and engaged with their employers. However, an additional 27% of deskless employees say that they feel underappreciated.

With a deskless workforce mobile app, you can increase employee engagementreduce employee turnover, increase revenue, and boost productivity.

It’s a fact that the success of your business is in the hands of your staff. 

Wrapping up

Do not overlook the needs of your deskless workforce. 

While time is changing, you also need to leverage technology to improve your workflow processes and systems for managing employees. 

Building a mobile app via AppMySite mobile app builder will make it easier for you to communicate with your remote staff, and simultaneously future-proof your operation. Moreover, an app appeals to the majority of your staff, which will increase your employee satisfaction and engagement.

With an online app creator, it will be easy to integrate a mobile app into your workflow processesAnd, this investment will boost your employee security and lower your costs while improving employee productivity. 

A mobile app gives everyone, including your in-house staff, as well as remote staff, easier access to critical information.

Thus, if you are convinced enough to build an app for your deskless workforce, make your own app using AppMySite to improve communication for your field employees.

To know more about app-building, get in touch with us today!

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