Discovering the Technological Leap on the Second Half of the Chessboard

by Emma W. Web Designer

Landmark Events in Technological Advancement

If we trace the brief journey of technological advancement in the world, some highlights could be relics like the humble abacus, the outmoded version of the printing press, vehicles, steam engines, electricity, heavy machinery of the industrial revolution age, etc.

Then there were some landmark events like Babbage’s innovative wonder - The Computer or the unanticipated byproduct of world war- The Internet, which completely shattered our expectations about what the technology of the future would look like. Today, we are at a stage where AI-powered technology carries out massive amounts of work independently and automatically.

The human intervention required for goods to go through the production process and end up in the hands of the consumer is far lesser than what it was a few years ago.

Exponential Rate of Growth

That technology would arrive at such a massively advanced stage is hardly as shocking as the pace at which this advancement has taken place. Pertaining to information technology specifically, technology has advanced at an exponential rate in the last few years. And the speed is growing every day.

One of the reasons behind this phenomenon could be the fact that many technological innovations support the functionality of other systems, both hardware and software. For example, the internet opened the doors for innumerable technological wonders. With each step forward, we are creating new possibilities for what our machines can do. An innovation like machine-learning forms the basis of artificial intelligence.

Innumerable tech-based solutions are available for corporates and service providers like Aloha Technology are constantly pushing the envelope of tech advancement forward. However, we must also take into consideration the speculation that we are entering the second half of the chessboard as far as the technology is concerned.

Approaching the Second Half of the Chessboard

The idea of ‘exponential growth’ can be best expressed by an interesting episode. As the legend goes, once the then Emperor of India invited the ingenious inventor of Chess over to acknowledge his impressive creation. When asked to name his reward, the inventor stated that all he wants is one grain of rice to be placed on the first square of his chessboard and that amount be doubled for every consecutive square. Impressed by the inventor’s apparent modesty, the emperor agreed with his demands, not grasping the implication of what he had just promised. If we do the math, the amount goes from 1 to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64… and so on. However, around the center of the chessboard, the amount adds up to a few billion grains of rice and doubling that amount any further leads to an impossible, unachievable figure.

In terms of the rate of technological advancement, it is safe to assume that we are approaching, or perhaps have already entered the second half of the chessboard because advancement is no longer taking place in a linear manner. It is extremely rapid. With a staggeringly advanced foundation, the inventions of the near future are going to be disruptive, much more complex and highly developed.

Intersection with Moore’s law

Moore's law states that the number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles every two years. This illustrates the fact that over so many years, technology is bound to have undergone regular bouts of transformation, the speed of which is increasing rapidly.

How can Businesses Tackle Rapid Advancement

Technological advancement is always good news for business. Mainly because it implies that a lot can be done in much lesser time and that means more efficiency and less cost. Storage space for data has shrunk, processing speeds have accelerated and hardware is getting relatively cheaper. Digitization has become an inalienable aspect of large industries and business leaders are embracing digital transformation because it greatly supports their functions and consequently, their bottom line. Aloha Technology offers multiple tech-based services that bridge the gap between technology and business efficiently.

One concern that business leaders might face while approaching the second half of the chessboard is uncertainty. Not knowing what’s in store for business operations in a rapidly digitizing world can hamper the positive connection between technology and business. But all that future leaders can do to succeed is invest in the right people, the right partners and use future technology to create a transformative space for business.

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