Digital marketing 2023: what trends in promotional business projects to add to your strategy?

by Mr Kvikzi Mr. Kvikzi
When it comes to digital marketing, it is impossible to say that its development stops at least for a moment. This sphere is constantly updated, new modern platforms, digital tools and algorithms appear. As a result, most experienced digital marketing specialists are constantly anticipating new trends and adapting old ones to improve brand promotion on the Internet. We have carefully selected six digital marketing trends in 2023 that will shape the industry over the next 365 days. And don't forget, to make your business work as efficiently as possible, you should use each of the following trends in time. So, let's get started, shall we?

1. The power of visual content and clickable headlines

Did you know that 65% of people remember information better if it is presented in the form of visual content? The popularity of social media and digital modernization are the reasons why visual content is getting more and more love and attention. It evokes an emotional response in readers, so their retention rate increases by 42%.

Social networks that constantly use attractive and high-quality images also stimulate activity, as visual elements always cause some kind of reaction. Images, readable fonts, videos, charts, graphs, logos and other visual content are examples of the variety that you should strive for. Therefore, the marketing trends 2023 that include visual content should assure you that images and videos are worth including in your website, blog, and other resources.

It's also worth noting that engaging and clickable headlines can make or break your content. Of course, there are many ways to write a headline. You can always combine various principles to write effective headlines that will convince your audience to pay attention to your posts. For example, you can use the following principles:

  • try to create simple and short headlines;
  • use questions to get readers interested;
  • share the latest news;
  • address those who constantly want to replenish their knowledge box;
  • become a valuable information resource.

2. Improve the quality of your content

Despite the fact that content remains a very important link in the digital marketing trends of 2023, the trend is to focus on quality, not quantity. In addition, you should start sharing more diverse content that your audience will not get bored with. High-quality content demonstrates your expertise and allows you to communicate with customers, putting yourself forward as an authority in a particular field.

So go back to your marketing strategy you worked with in 2022 and change the way you engage your customers. Start prioritizing video and interactive content. Regular blogging and other forms of written content is an important component of SEO. In addition, you will have a chance to showcase your brand's personality.

But keep in mind that overusing "content for content's sake" will have a negative impact on engagement. You don't have to publish some new information every day. Work to engage your audience, but don't irritate them by sharing low-quality content that just fills up space but doesn't provide any value.

3. Promotion through social media and newsletters

You hardly know anyone who does not use social networks. So, a logical question immediately arises. What marketing strategy will be successful without the involvement and optimization of social networks?

Today, this method is indeed an extremely effective means of promotion and advertising if you remain consistent and create a holistic picture.

Despite the fact that the trend indicates a steady increase in the number of social media users, it is not enough to make your content "fly". It takes time for it to make an impression on existing social media users. No one has canceled habits, and if someone likes a brand and its profiles on social networks, then most likely this person will continue to trust this particular company. This emphasizes the importance of distributing useful content to build a brand and develop connections with the audience through direct communication.

By the way, many people consider email to be just a sales tool. But still, we should not forget about its true purpose. We are talking about building a connection between your brand and the audience.

Obviously, promoting products and discounts is an important aspect, but newsletters are still the leaders, as 81% of brands send them. If done right, newsletters can make users feel a stronger connection to your brand. But they can also turn into a problem that scares customers away if the content doesn't hit the mark. Topics that do not interest subscribers in any way are the main reason that makes people unsubscribe from newsletters.

4. Don't leave word-of-mouth communication behind

Word-of-mouth marketing is another way to strengthen and promote your business projects. This method works when people tell others about your brand, products or services through any means of communication. It also includes any actions your company takes to encourage more people to share their experiences with your brand.

In general, there are many channels at your disposal for communication: referral programs, brand ambassador programs, affiliate marketing, as well as live broadcasts, video messages and live meetings with the audience.

Like any marketing strategy, word of mouth works best when it puts the audience first. Think about what your audience might like - an interactive contest with valuable prizes, a behind-the-scenes video of a commercial, or something else? By continuing to give your audience what they want, you will have a better chance of keeping their attention for a longer period of time.

5. The value of emotional marketing and influence marketing

To encourage potential customers to subscribe to a newsletter, download free resources, like, follow and share posts on social media, many brands use marketing tactics that are based on appealing to emotions.

In short, emotional marketing includes psychological triggers to achieve different results. It includes evoking certain emotions in customers, thanks to which they can remember a product or service, decide to buy, follow a link, which will lead to closer contact with the brand.

Digital marketing in 2023 will not be left without the participation of influencers. When influencers advertise the brand and its range, you do not have to wait to get a new wave of customers.

Influencers often manage to captivate people with their authentic and engaging marketing campaigns. And companies, in turn, use the name and authority of influencers to increase the number of their followers.

Why is it so effective? Together with influencers, you can turn into an orchestra, and even if you remain the soloist, this or that influencer will play exactly the music you need on their digital instruments. Therefore, you should definitely think about creative collaborations with popular bloggers and influencers that will take your popularity to the next level.

6. Improve your business projects using mobile applications

Digital marketing strategies are increasingly beginning to include the development of multifunctional mobile applications with a set of various functions. For example, a trading platform may include messaging and simple use of payment services. Thus, companies are less and less creating single-purpose applications that users delete after one or two uses. They prefer to develop holistic applications that are customer-centric. By combining many functions, they are easily integrated into everyday life. And as you can understand, any digital marketing strategy will only benefit from mobile apps as they will have a long-term impact on users.

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