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by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)
Water purifiers are a need of the hour and with the increasing pollution rates, it is only wise to invest in one. There are a lot of these purifiers today in the market but not every one of them is feasible or great quality-wise. When you decide to buy a water purifier unit there are certain parameters you need to keep in mind to buy. If these are not met then there is no point in buying one. 

The decision to buy a good water purifier for your home should be made with care and concern. Water is one of nature's purest elements that is now facing a lot of problems given the recklessness of humans. Development, factory dumping, sewage pipeline leaks, and a lot more pollutants are released into the water bodies on a daily basis and this is causing water at every level to pollute. Ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams are also polluted which is a cause for great concern when it comes to the health of the people. Therefore, don't ever take buying a water purifier lightly. These machines are responsible to give your family and loved one’s great health. You can buy water purifiers online from various brand websites. 

One such brand that you can trust and has been in the business for quite some time is Pureit. They design their products with great care, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of an Indian household. They manufacture products in nine countries all throughout the world and are greatly trusted. Pureit also has a large range of products of different price ranges as well. Buying a water purifier does not mean that you have to shell out a large sum of money from your pockets. While there are several options for you to choose from you should know which one to buy. Given below are the different types of purifiers:

RO is one of the types that is the most common type of technology used in most water purifiers. RO water is supposed to be the best since it eliminates all the bacteria and germs. On pureit India's website, you will find a variety of water purifiers that combine RO water technology with other technology like UV and MF. 
A gravity filter is also one type of water purifier you can use. This one uses gravity to rid the water of all the impure elements. It does not require electricity and extra water. This is a simple water purifier that you can use to get purified water. 

Another type is the UV or Ultra Violet purifier wherein the UV rays are responsible for killing viruses and bacteria from the water. When used in combination with RO they make a great technological purification process. Buy any online RO filters to experience the goodness of purified water. 

Using the TDS levels in your home water and the harshness of it decide which one will be the best purifier for your family's perfect health. In India, we often tend to rely upon tap water as our source of drinking water. But often we fail to realize the hazardous chemicals and impurities in it. We very often drink directly from the tap waters. For this purpose, there are also tap purifiers that you can attach to the taps and filter out all the harsh elements from it. Never settle for a water purifier that does not come with the right certifications and authenticity. There are several fake products in the market and you should be aware of these. 

Finally, getting yourself the right type of water purifier is important for the sake of your health and that of your loved ones. Drinking clean water is basic access to everybody. Nobody should have to fight for good drinking water. Pureit makes sure you get access to this easily. Go through their website and find a good product to suit your needs today. 

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