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As it is important to have a sun screen cream for your face, so does it is important to have best car paint protection coating in India like Permagrad for your car.
No, I’m not at all exaggerating. You love your car not less than your own body part. I can understand your love for your dear car and this is why the whole article is here. 

To have a Paint Protection for your car is really important to prevent its exterior from getting damaged, be it a negligible scratch or a deeper one. 

Since you care a lot for your car and don’t want any damage to it in the lack of right care of it, your car deserves best car care in India

Paint protection is the simplest way to add a coat of safety to your car’s exterior. So, here we are with different types of Car Paint Protection. This will make your choice easier.

Different types of Paint Protection:


This latest technological high- gloss protective barrier maintains the standard finish of the exterior paint. Also, the unique non- toxic, germ- free shield of Permagard makes your car perfectly shining, protected from scratches and hygienic at the same time. 

Permagard`s Reactive Polymer Technology, is the best shield you can provide any vehicle.

  • WAX

There are different kinds of wax coating protection available in the market. You can get natural ones only, in general. It is the traditional method of protecting car exteriors by applying this wax as an automotive paint. 

Its best part is that it is budget- friendly, though a wide range of variety is available in this itself. The vast difference in the cost of the wax paint protections is because of its quality, of course. The costlier ones offer better holding capacity to the exterior car paint. The cheaper ones offer lesser. 

Still, you can go for it as it provides a basic protection for your car paint and fits your pocket.


Sealants are more popularly known as synthetic paint sealants as it is man- made. It is composed of different types of components to provide efficient protection to your exterior. The main ingredients of the sealant are polymers and Teflon.  This makes it a far better option as compared to wax. 

Sealants have better holding capacity. Also, it has higher melting point that ensures its efficiency even in summers and under the scorching Sun.  

But these are not long lasting which can be considered as a drawback.


These are the best paint protectors to ensure most lustrous, well- protected glass coatings. This makes it quite expensive but surely worthy for its value. 


This is basically an additional protection that can be applied over any paint protection to ensure complete protection of the paint.

Now, when you are familiar with different varieties of paint protection, it will be easy for you to understand the effectiveness of the Permagard technology with the best car paint coating in India

Above, we have roughly categorised the different paint protections based on their components and texture. 

Wax, the most common one, is moderate in its efficiency. Sealants are efficient protection option for short time period particularly. Ceramic Coatings are the sophisticated ones with best overall efficiency. Paint Protection Film works well for specific kind of damages and exterior corrosion. 

So, depending up on your specific needs and budget, you can choose any one for your car. It is wise on your part to be prepare your car for any unwanted mishaps. Go for Permagard, which is undoubtedly the best car paint protection coating in India and get yourself free from any worries now.

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