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by Kim Krogh Car Paint Protection Brisbane

All that glitters: The importance of car paint protection

Taking care of your vehicle does not include checking up the engine at the mechanic, or changing the tires only; but, rather an array of activities to keep your wheeled pet operating properly and looking sharp. Often underestimated by drivers, the paint protection is anequally integral aspect of taking adequate care of your car.

What some drivers might not know is that automotive paint is used both for decoration and protection purposes, as the paint is an aspect of a car that interfaces with the environment the most. Not only that the paint protection makes your car shinier, but it also protects both paint and car from ultraviolet light, ozone, salt, dirt, rain, bugs, and bird feces, as it is the case withtheOpticoat Ceramic Pro Technology.

By protecting the car paint, you are protecting your vehicle, yourself, and the environment at the same time. Here are some major points on different types of car paint protection, and differences between them.

Car Waxing and Paint Sealant

Car waxing uses carnauba wax-based liquids or pastes to provide the vehicle with a wetter and glossier shine. Due to high oil content, car waxes are usually easier to apply than paint sealants, but on the other hand, their protection lasts between 1 and 3 months.  By waxing your car, you will provide it with a protective layer, so for example when you want to remove the dirt from your vehicle, you will not be rubbing the paint directly. By not waxing your car, the car will look rather dull, and its paint will be more vulnerable.

When it comes topaint sealants, they are easily applicable liquids mimicking the properties of car waxes but with longer lasting protection and without in-depth shine provided by wax. They are mostly used to protect the vehicle against manyclimates, and environmental elements, like acidrain, road tar, and ultraviolet rays. As such, paint sealants offer,a substantial molecular barrier to a painted surface and in addition to paint you can apply them to fiberglass, plexiglass, plastics, metal surfaces, enamel, and tiles.

Opticoat Ceramic Pro Technology

Car paint protection coatings completely differ from both waxes are sealants, as they do not apply or look like either of those. Even though their viscosity is thinnerthan the products above, coats last between two and five times longer than other car protection products.The proof of that is the Opticoat Ceramic Pro Technology, one of Detail Evolution’s most acclaimed services, which offers a superior resistance and surface protection. As such, it does not require special soft wash or shampoos to remain on the car’s surface, but it rather functions similarly to a factory clear coat.

When it comes to its thickness, a single layer of the Opticoat is 100 times thicker than a typical wax or paint sealant, which means that the Opticoat will absorb any damage on the surface of your car. This feature especially comes in handy when scratches or swirl in the paint occur over time.Opticoat can resist these better than a factory coat! Additionally, the Opticoat can be removed and reapplied, which will make your car look like fresh from the factory. To protect your vehicle and make it glow, contact Detail Evolution for further inquiries.

So, there you have it – these are the main differences between car wax, paint sealant and paint protection coating, and depending on your preferences and your budget as well you can make an educated choice. Let it shine is what we like to say!

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