Different Types of Nasal Sprays

by Sinu Soothe Health Care Product Supplier
When a stuffy nose strikes, the suitable nasal spray can provide you with much-needed relief. Some are safe to use daily for several months, but others can cause a nasal spray addiction if people use them for more than a few days. It is always recommended to consult your practitioner for how long you need to use it.

There are a variety of different nasal rinses and sprays that can be used to treat less severe conditions and provide short term relief. A variety of different products and solutions are available on the market when it comes to treating allergies and sinus infections. You can also find Nasal spray sinusitis online for easy availability. Choosing the ones that target your specific symptoms can help you find relief. Some examples of the most common types of nasal spray include.

1: Decongestant sprays 

Decongestant sprays work by shrinking swollen, irritated blood vessels that line the nose. The irritation from this can cause congestion, itching and sneezing. You can purchase most sinusitis nasal spray over the counter. These are a short term solution to nasal allergy symptoms. You shouldn’t use them for more than three days because they will start working less effectively and likely make the situation worse.

2: Nasal steroid sprays

You will often see steroid nasal sprays referred to as corticosteroid sprays. Corticosteroids are used in different applications to reduce inflammation that isthe result of an immune system response. The effect of steroids spray takes a few more time to kick in. Be aware not to use it for a long time as they have negative side effects such as nose bleeds and harmful eye conditions. 

3: Saline nasal sprays

Saline nasal sprays tend to be safe for people of all ages. It can help to loosen and thin any mucus in the nose. They allow easier breathing when congestion arises due to cold or allergies. They contain no medication and have no side effects. These sprays contain a small amount of salt and sterilized water. Some also contain preservatives that prevent the growth of mold or bacteria. You can also get preservatives formulas aerosol cans that keep the liquid sterile.

4: Corticosteroid nasal spray

The product is indicated for temporary relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms or other respiratory allergies like nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, sneezing and nasal pruritus.This is the first non-prescription product to relieve all four of the cardinal symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Patients who ask about the product should be directed to speak to a physician first if they have or have recently had ulcers in the nose. 

Before using any such nasal spray, please ask your doctor. If you have tried one or more of the above and you continue to have allergic symptoms, perhaps, it’s time to visit your local allergist. 

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