Difference Between Hair Weaving and Hair Transplant

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Why do thousands of people visit the Avenues clinic for Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad? Certainly, they want their own hairs that have done due to male pattern baldness. Actually, baldness or hair loss removes the hairs from the scalp without pain or discomfort but it shakes the confidence of the person completely.
According to hair loss experts, severe hair loss is the result of several reasons like dandruff, imbalanced diet, addictions, hormonal imbalance, hereditary, certain medications, seasonal impacts, chronic illness etc. 
Due to the adverse effects of hair loss, a lot of hair loss experts had been trying to search for a suitable treatment for hair loss. 
As a result, a lot of treatments are used to bring the hair back. On the other hand, some experts try to cover the scalp with the help of hairs that may be real or artificial. 
There are several procedures that cover the scalp but we are going to talk about the two approaches called hair weaving and hair transplant. 
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Hair weaving
Hair weaving covers the bald area with the help of real or artificial hairs. Real hairs are obtained from other people and add to the bald area to conceal the balding area. Hairs are placed into the scalp with the help of clips. These added hairs do not grow like real hairs since they are not rooted in the scalp. 

Hair Transplant
Hair transplant is a surgical treatment and has gained enormous popularity because of the high rate of success and optimal results. With the help of this surgical treatment, hair follicles are borrowed from the back and sides of the scalp and transplanted to the recipient area. These hairs are removed and transplanted with the help of two main techniques called follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. 

What Is The Difference Between Hair Weaving And A Hair Transplant?
This is the main point of this blog since a clear understanding of the available hair loss treatments is necessary for the patients. 
The most obvious difference between hair weaving and hair treatment is that hair weaving is not surgical and it is only a temporary treatment. It covers the scalp with real or synthetic hairs that have no roots. 
On the other hand, hair transplant surgery provides real hairs with roots. These hairs are the patient’s own real hairs and supposed to grow at a normal rate. The patients may have a haircut and wear any hairstyle of his choice. 
The results are obvious after the hair weaving but in the case of hair transplant, you have to wait for fuller results since the hair shed after the surgery and grow again with full strength. 

Hair weaving may be done by a person who is not medically educated but only a surgeon can perform a hair transplant since it is a medical procedure. 
As a conclusion, if you want to cover your scalp with an artificial cover, you may go for hair weaving but if you are interested in permanent the solution of hair loss, you can visit the Avenues clinic that offers hair restoration at a reasonable Hair Transplant Cost in India. 

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