Destiny 2 Empyrean Foundation XP Glitch: Quickly Progress Season Pass

by Emily Johnson Technical Advisor

Destiny 2 has to release the second Season “Season of Worthy.” As always, players are trying to collect most of the XP as quickly as possible. Only this time around with a glitch.

Bungie’s role-playing action game will release the new season of destiny 2 under the name “Season of Worthy.” In the previous season, there is a new event, which has a new and iconic way to share the content. In this season, there are many targets to complete the season and get Season Pass, which will lead them to unlock the gifts offered by the 100-tier system.

As players are trying to earn the more XP in the new season, they have to reach the Empyrean Foundation, where a new event started last week. In this event, players have to donate Polarized Fractaline so that they can have seven new missions. Yet the creator (Bungie) has not announced what will happen after the completion of these missions. There are speculations that it will lead to the next season, “Season of Worthy.” Still, there are many small gifts from this event, which is given below.

Obelisk Bonus: To Speed Up Your Bounties

After you donate the Polarized Fractaline, you will get the mission, and on completing those missions, you will get the bonuses. Among them, the most beneficial and useful bonus is the boost. For every 100 donations of Polarized Factaline, you are going to get a boost by 25%. So you can end the whole season’s weaponry bounty a lot of quicker manner. If you start collecting and saving the Polarized Fractaline, that will help you in this section of the game to get you extra missions and the boosts in the games.

The XP Farm in the event is reasonable and simple. Still, there is a violation of the rule of this game’s event Tower Obelisk. Here players have the ability to more bounty of Perfect Paradox, and they choose to pick more than they should be (if you prefer it in numbers, then players generally pick 6 to 7). In addition to that, players of the game have the ability to pick more weapons from other bounties of Time-lost, which are connected to Nessus, Tangled Shore Obelisk, EDZ, and Mars.

Players have to collect as much as bounties as possible from the events. This collection will be started after you obtain the bounty of Perfect Paradox. Here you can also get some weapons. These weapons are worth farming in the game as compared to the others. Finally, the collection of weapons or bounty depends on where you have spent most of your time. Some weapons present in here are suitable for PvP and some others for PvE.

Donation to Gain XP at Faster Rate

After collecting a lot of Polarized Fractaline, players have to come to the Tower of Obelisk. Here, they have to donate the Polarized Fractaline, which will give players extra mission and boost by 25% for every 100 P. Fractaline donation. If you submit the 400 fractaline then your bounty requirement will be complete.

After the completion of bounty, players have the option to collect XP and take the collection to the maximum level. For that, you have to make sure:

  • You can try using the Ghost Shell along with the Guiding Perk of Light. It gives you an extra 10% (of original) XP.
  • You can join the team of a fireteam. Here you can have a higher rank.

The player can gain the bonus XP. This bonus can be taken up to rank 5. So, here players can gain the XP in a fast manner, and if you have the 400 Fractaline, then you can spend all the time to find the XP.

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