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A desktop vaporizer is just as popular as a portable vaporizer. People use them for their designated purposes. The former serves home setup, and the latter promotes mobile vaping. A desktop tech and a portable weed vaporizer have their own set of advantages. Let’s take a look at both types of vape gadgets.


Type of Heating


Every weed vaporizer follows a similar design. These use a precision-based temperature control system to heat the herbs and release the cannabinoids into the vapor when the temperature hits its peak.


A dry herb vape uses a heating component located in the unit to heat the substance in a chamber or bowl. This process is called convection, and it prevents the burning of the herb.


Usually, both desktop and portable herb vapes use convection heating. When a user takes a draw, the device heats the air, which reaches the herb chamber and heats it.


It is safer than combustion, which burns the weed and is harmful to the lungs. Convection efficiently heats the herb and produces large clouds of high-quality vapor.


A desktop weed vaporizer, in this case, works better than a device because this heating method uses more power and takes time to reach the requisite temperature. Since desktop devices use plug-and-play technology, they meet the requirements easier than mobile vapes.

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Which Vaporizer Type is Better?


While a desktop vaporizer is more powerful, a portable weed vaporizer is convenient even in a home setup. It enables moving around the house and also comes at an affordable price. Cost is an integral factor in vaping.


However, it can be hard to reload a portable device on the go. It requires emptying the residue and waiting for it to simmer down before adding another loadout. But if the user has ground herbs, it reduces some of the efforts.


Styles of Desktop Vaporizers


Desktop devices are similar to desktop computers. The user can access several accessories and features that allow user-friendliness and provide a superior user experience. Some models use a fan and bags balloon style, while others use a whip. Desktop vaporizers may feature a remote control or hands-free usage.

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Balloon-Style Vaporizer

Located within this device is a fan and bag that mitigates the need to inhale. Instead, it fills the bag with vapor, and the vaper can take draws from the pouch.


Whip-Style Vaporizer


Some desktop vaporizers feature a whip that links the device to the mouthpiece. While it creates a longer vapor path, it facilitates more convenient vaping. The only drawback might be the less flavor it produces.


A vaper can choose a desktop vape or a portable weed vaporizer based on their vaping needs. A tabletop device is suitable for indoor group sessions, while a mobile gizmo lets users travel and vape.

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