Depression and Its Natural Cures

by Connie Freeman Health Advisor
In an era of internal and external stress-causing agents, the very term Depression has become common among the people. Most people suffer from it every day! But what exactly is Depression? Depression, which also referred to as Major Depressive Disorder is a mental health condition that is usually marked by common symptoms like sadness, isolation as well as despair. These symptoms significantly intervene with a person’s behavior mostly in their daily life or how they feel as well as work. As simple as it may sound, the more severe might its consequence be! A person suffering from Major Depressive Disorder might have suicidal tendencies. What people usually relate depression with is sorrow or isolation but this is not true.  Depression is not something that is restricted to a race, a caste, a creed, or sex. Rather it can happen to anybody and at any point in time. To understand the disease better, it is important that we understand the symptoms.

The Symptoms range from irritability and restlessness to lowering of sexdrive and inability to either concentrate or make decision. To add on, other symptoms are over and under-sleeping, change in appetite and under-eating, tiresomeness and lack of energy, crying without any explainable reason, terrible body as well as headaches, suicidal tendency and despair.

The causes of this disorder have not fully been comprehended in medical science, yet researches have stated that the major cause of it could be an imbalance of the signaling chemicals within the brain (in certain patients). To add on, other causes of Depression could range from a traumatic experience from one childhood to loosing of a job or death of beloved relative, financial problems, divorce, etc. In many cases, the Disorder might be caused as an effect of combined factors comprising of genetic, environmental and psychological natures, certain medical conditions like underactive thyroid gland, prolonged suffering and illnesses, heat disease as well as disease like cancer. Moreover, certain types of sedatives like sleeping pills as well as medications related to high blood pressure also cause Depression. Depression can also occur by effect of hormones at childbirth or at menopause.

Natural Cures to Depression

Since ancient times diseases have been cured using natural ingredients. Depression too has its natural cures. Such natural Anti Depression Solutions are mentioned here below:


Although there are plenty of treatments but some of them are as follows:

  • Aurum metallicum is used for those patients suffering from the kind of depression in which they completely exhaust themselves out in order to attain goals which are mostly unattainable and give into immense melancholy, despair and are suicidal in tendencies.
  • Calcarea carbonica is used to treat people with overbearing depression.  In case of overbearing depression, people consider themselves so beyond redemption that they fret over everything and moreover look upon themselves with loads of self-doubt, isolate themselves and cry.


Earlier, people used herbs to heal even dangerous diseases and the same can be used by us to treat disorders like Depression. Certain herbs that help treat Depression are as St. John’s Wort, Saffron, Valerian Root, Kava, Maca and so on.

Other forms of natural cures involve Amino Acid Therapy and other therapeutic uses of natural medications. If you are suffering from depression, you need to seek doctoral help as well as natural Anti Depression Solutions. Natural Healing Center located in Mitcham and Ferny Creek might just be able to help you.

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