Dental Implant – Best Method to Replace Your Missing Tooth or Teeth

by Allen Rose Doctor
Today, dental implant has become a state-of-the-art method for missing tooth replacement. It involves a very small titanium post which is interfaced with the realistic dental crown. In this whole tooth-replacement procedure, the crown is the alone part that becomes visible in your mouth. Under your gum line, the implant itself rests in the bony socket that is utilized to grasp your missing tooth.

Two, four or more implants can provide support to either a number of crowns or to the whole arch of lower or upper replacement teeth. Whether your one tooth is missed, numerous teeth or all teeth, dental implants Snellville are favored by both patients and doctors. It is only because dental implants are:

Long-term tooth replacement solution

The dental implants offer a permanent solution to the issue of tooth loss as they really become part of your jawbone. While other tooth replacement methods like bridgework and removable dentures, may require to re-formed or replaced with time, but proper care for dental implants extend their lifetime. That’s because the choice of this tooth replacement method is worthy for long-term.

Gives a visual and feel like natural teeth

During a minor procedure, when an implant is inserted it gets solidifies to your bone in a solid way after passing several months. Once that takes place, your replacement tooth (or teeth) that are implant-supported will feel totally natural. Also, it will be visibly indiscernible from your natural teeth. With implant teeth, you can easily speak, eat and smile with full confidence as they will never shift.

Similar caring like natural teeth

Implant teeth caring is similar to your natural teeth caring as you must brush and floss them every day. But you never need to apply any adhesives and special creams or soak them in a glass whole night, as you need to do with dentures. There is also not a requirement of a root canal or a filling, as required by the bridge work.

While decaying does not occur with implants, but gum disease can affect them. Regular dental visits for professional cleanings and good oral hygiene are the ideal ways to stop gum disease and to make sure that your dental implants last a lifetime.

Prevent bone loss

You may not know that bone loss predictably follows tooth loss. Even when one tooth is missed, the bone under it starts to melt or resorb away. This can make the prematurely aged appearance of your face and even leave your jaw more exposed to fractures if it will be left untreated for a long time. With dental implants, this process will halt as the jawbone will be fused that will stabilize it. This benefit is not offered by other tooth replacement method.

Now, imagining the dental implant costs? Well, the cost for implants varies according to the number of teeth that needs to implant. Sometimes, the dental implant cost is covered by dental insurance but you need to talk to the staff of your dental office regarding this.

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