Emergency Dentists to Provide Relief in Acute Dental Pain

by Allen Rose Doctor

Unfortunately, emergency comes without any prior notice and required instant treatment especially when it is a dental one. It required the services of emergency dentist who can provide immediate treatment for your pain relief.

In dental emergency, patient required services of experienced and reliable dentist who have good experience in handling emergency cases with proper treatment. The emergency dentists are very efficient and capable in providing their services for different dental issues from tooth extraction to root canal cases. These dentists generally provide their services for round the clock so that patient can easily approach them at the time of dental emergency. The patients should always save their dentist contact number or business cards to call them at the time of such emergency.

What is dental emergency?

The dental emergency is mainly divided in two categories. In first one, tooth damage is noticeable like the case of cracked, broken or split teeth or gum bleeding. The second category comprises of dental emergency when physical pain is unbearable.

DIY remedies for Dental emergency

At the time of dental emergency, you can apply some home remedies to get relief in your unbearable pain.

  • Cold compresses

If your tooth pain is related to swelling then hold the cold compress on your cheek for 20 minutes as it may provide some relief in the pain. Cold will help in numb the areas and provide pain relief that help in reducing swelling and inflammation. But, this method will not address the root cause of the problem, it just provide you temporary relief in the pain. You should consult the emergency dentistry in Snellville GA to get right treatment.

  • Clove oil

Using clove oil is good for reducing pain and swelling related to toothache. Dip the cotton ball in the clove oil and use it on the sore area of your tooth and gum. The clove oil comprises of eugenol that work like a natural anesthetic and helps in alleviating your toothache.

  • Salt water rinses

If in case you are troubling with tooth pain or having swollen gums then rinsing your mouth with warm water with salt is beneficial for you. Add one teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and mix it well. Now, swish the mixture around your mouth and spit it out. The warm water is beneficial in pain relief and reduces the gum swelling.

  • Medication for Tooth pain

In case of acute toothache, you can take over the counter pain medications according to the instruction written on the package. These medicines will provide ease in pain and make you feel comfortable while you are waiting for your dentist appointment.

But all these remedies are only for temporary relief therefore it is important to seek advice from experienced emergency dentistry in Snellville GA to get permanent treatment for it. If you ignore the dental treatment then your tooth could get worse.

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