Debunking The Myths Related To Stretch Marks

by Muskan Sharma executive

Human skin has a remarkable ability to expand and contract. When the skin expands rapidly due to weight gain, the supporting tissue gets damaged and results in stretch marks. Stretch marks occur on the abdomen, breasts, flank, hips, thighs, and buttocks as a result of pregnancy, medical concerns, adolescence, and rapid weight gain. Stretch marks are categorized as long stripes or narrow streaks on the skin. One can consult a medical expert at Ojasvi Skin Solution, which is the best skin clinic in Meerut.

Following are the myths and facts related to stretch marks:

Myth 1: Thin people can not get stretch marks!

Fact: Anybody can experience stretch marks irrespective of their weight and body type. There are different factors such as puberty and significant weight loss, that can induce stretch marks. Hence, it is a misconception to say that thin people can not get stretch marks.

Myth 2: Stretch marks appear in one color

Fact: No! stretch marks can vary in shape and color from one person to another, depending upon the location of stretch marks, severity, and how old the mark is. At the early stage, stretch marks appear red or purple and eventually turns to white or silver.

Myth 3: Women get stretch marks

Fact: Stretch marks are not gender-based and hence, can affect both men and women. Women can experience stretch marks as a result of pregnancy, hormonal imbalance or puberty, whereas, men can experience stretch marks as a result of weight gain, weight loss or gyming.

Myth 4: Stretch marks can not be treated

Fact: Stretch marks can not be cured, but there are treatments available that effectively minimize their appearance and also prevents future occurrence. Stretch marks can be treated through different methods such as creams, lotions, gels, cosmetic surgery, laser therapies, and growth factor therapy. To find the best-suited stretch marks treatment in Meerut , visit Ojasvi Skin Solution.

Myth 5: Stretch marks fade away with weight loss

Fact: Often people believe that reducing weight can undo the stretch marks, which is not true! Stretch marks are formed from deep within the skin affecting the dermis layer of the skin, which cannot be reversed. Hence, an individual must not assume to get rid of stretch marks by reducing weight, rather must consult a skin specialist for a solution.

Myth 6: Lifestyle and diet does not affect stretch marks

Fact: Diet, healthy lifestyle and nutrition plays an important role in the appearance of stretch marks. If the body is not hydrated or nourished with essential vitamins, it can result in the appearance of stretch marks.

Tip: Minimizing caffeinated beverages helps in preventing stretch marks.

Myth 7: Stretch marks can be caused only by skin stretching

Fact: Even though stretching is the main reason for the occurrence of stretch marks, there are different factors such as hormonal imbalance, genetic concerns, change in weight, etc. which result in this skin concern.

Myth 8: Tanning helps in the reduction of stretch marks

Fact: Tanning does not help in stretch marks reduction, rather it damages the skin in other ways. Also, tanning can result in an uneven appearance of stretch marks due to contrasting skin tones.

Therefore, one must not let these misconceptions affect the treatment options and hence, should consult an expert for proper information. To know more about this skin concern and stretch marks removal cost in Meerut, visit Ojasvi Skin Solution.

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