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Soy milk is the new genre of milk variety which had gradually and slowly replaced our age-old dairy-based milk. Soy milk is to be extracted by grinding the soybeans and squeezing out the liquid from the mixture. After the invention of the first non-dairy milk I.e. almond milk, soy milk entered the picture around the 19th century in China. It has since been an integral part of many people's diet. Now, as it is among the popular products worldwide we also have Soy milk manufacturers companies in India too. 

Preparation Storyline 

Initially, the soybeans or the soy seeds are to be blanched in a sodium bicarbonate solution in order to get rid of their weird bitter taste, it also boosts digestibility as well as remove products that can cause gas. Then basically grind those beans and decant them as well as deodorize them to get rid of any sort of undesirable smells.

Lastly, water is added within, to standardize the protein content present within the soy milk. If required flavor can also be added at this point. At this point, Soy milk manufacturers in India homogenized their soy milk too. Homogenization helps the soy milk to maintain uniform consistency just by breaking down all the fat globules within very fine particles as well as distributing them evenly throughout.

Effective Nutritional Benefits 

Soy milk produced out of the manufacturers in India contains about 7 grams of full protein per cup, which is quite close to the 8 grams of protein each cup in cow’s milk. It is also full of all sorts of iso flavones, which is basically a phyto compound as well as widely to be known as a phytoestrogen. Although, soy milk from the manufacturers in India might not be a source of calcium and vitamin D as of cow milk but can be an alternative to milk is 100% Vegan.

Available Varieties & Flavors 

This is where you need to be careful. On its own, soy milk can be a very healthful drink, but often add sugar and flavors are added which can drive up the sugar content and calories. Any variation that is not labelled “Unsweetened” has added sugar, even the “Original” kind.

In order to create vanilla or the chocolate-based soy milk, then Soy milk manufacturers in India basically add vanilla extract either chocolate syrup is to be added for sure. As such, you should be cautious of the amount of sugar added when selecting your flavored soy milk. For example, if you want the vanilla flavor, it might be worth getting the unsweetened vanilla version to strike a balance.

Soy milk can be used instead of cow’s milk for many recipes both savory and sweet. Using soy milk within different recipes can be quite simple barely keep one thing in mind that the level of sweetness may be different from cow’s milk, and especially in baking, the crust may brown differently. Soy milk manufacturers in India are also popular for their smoothies too. It adds a nice flavor and helps boost the protein content, which can help keep you fuller for a longer time especially if the smoothie is a meal replacement.

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