Cure Parkinson And Muscular Diseases With Ayurvedic Treatment Here

by Kudrati Ayurved Parkinson Treatment in India

Patients suffering from muscular dystrophy are confined to their chairs and their beds. They cannot move much and neither can they fulfill their dreams. This not only affects their physical being but also affects their mental state of mind as well. The ultimate results are, you either grow depressed and opt for euthanasia or you stay bedridden and give up on life or you fight it. Everyone deserves an equal chance in life. If only there can be some treatment that can help provide external support and motivation, it would help these patients gain their confidence back. Or else some kind of support. But support makes people feel handicapped and nobody wants to be dependent on someone else for their entire lives. Hence there is a dire need for some kind of affordable medication that can help to provide immunity and if possible slow down the rate of impact and improve muscle mass and therefore muscle strength. You have muscular dystrophy cure in Ayurveda.

Complications that arise are:

Thinking difficulties. Patients experience loss of cognitive perception. They start to experience loss of memory and dementia.

Swallowing problems. Due to stiffness of the jaw, any food that needs chewing cannot be chewed properly and thus causes swelling chunks and choking.

Sleeping problems. Patients often suffer from sleep disorders. They wake up in the night or fall asleep at any time during the day. Another kind of disorder named as rapid eye movement disorder occurs wherein patients start acting out their dreams. It is difficult to control them once this stage of the disease is reached.

Bladder problems. Patients are often unable to control their urine and often need diapers to wear all day.

Constipation. Digestion problems occur regularly due to loss of movement of stomach muscles. Hence it results in acidity. Acidity further results in loss of immunity. The body should be kept basic so that no virus or bacteria can easily enter it. Also, if the pH level is acidic, it often results in easy predation of diseases.


In the case of muscular dystrophy, Ayurveda attacks the area where the impact is most and tries to regulate it. It provides herbs that make body movement less stiff. It is the same way for Parkinson disease treatment in Ayurveda as well. The most important factor that Ayurveda provides is not its medicines or herbs but the optimism and approach. Most people who are afflicted with these diseases tend to grow irritated and depressed this harboring negativity within them. Ayurveda tries to remove that negativity and invite optimism. Medical researches have shown that optimism excites hormone secretion that boosts the immunity level of the body. The same is applicable for vitamin d3 deficiency treatment.

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