Covering your face with surgical facemask is the easy way to combat environmental hazards

by agha raza agha

The most common ways many diseases spread is through getting in contact with the infected thing or person. The diseases which spread through touch are called contagious diseases. With extreme industrialization the world is witnessing a very crucial problem of climate change. The ozone is depleting every passing day as different gases are emitted in excess from factories and automobiles and many such gadgets, hence it becomes part of the environment.

How ozone depletes and in what ways it effects the environment

Well what happens is, the excess use of machines leads to excess emission of chlorofluorocarbons, and these are the excreted gases with chlorine in them. These gases move upwards and reach to stratosphere, the layer of gases around the earth, where ozone is also present. When these gases come in contact with ozone, the chlorine present in these gases react with one oxygen from ozone gas and hence ozone layer breaks down.  

How ozone depletion effects climate change     

Ozone is the protective layer around earth. It helps in maintaining particular environment on earth along with providing a protective shield from ultra-violet rays coming from sun. Ozone depletion is big time responsible for climate change, and the biggest reason for this is the excess use of automobiles and different machines like refrigerators and all, which emit chlorofluorocarbons and make hole in ozone layer.

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Ozone depletion is one of the major reasons of climate change

For a while the whole world is witnessing dramatic weather changes and severe weather conditions are also experienced. There are places where summers are stretched and then there are areas which are facing long winter spells like never before.  The glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising, making major changes in natural environment and habitat, which is influencing all the species.

Smog is the worst kind of air pollution

Smog is the phenomena known to everybody. It is the worst kind of air pollution. The ozone is also formed on surface of land, leading to multiple reactions, and many gases are formed hence trapping pollutants and other gases in the air, which leads to smog, the fog and smoke collectively called smog. World is seeing this problem for a very long time now, and the only solution for this is to reduce carbon imprint, and that is not going to happen any sooner with such rigorous industrialization.

What are the ways to combat smog?

The other way to combat smog is taking precautions, because if lungs are exposed to smog frequently, then they can cause multiple diseases. The best one could do is to cover his face with either a surgical facemask or a KN95 facemasks to stop breathing in smoggy environment. People had the realization of taking such precautions but 2020 has pondered upon the matter that, it is crucial to cover their faces in order to avoid catching the virus. The positive aspect of pandemic could be the fact that it taught us, how important cleanliness is. The pandemic boosted the need of surgical facemask and that is the best thing about it. You can also buy facemask online, and that too of the best quality surgical facemask by visiting Medbarrier website or their instagram handle. 

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