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If you are looking to design your budget kitchen and want to know how much do granite kitchen worktops cost. Then contact Astrum Granite they will help you in that. At the point when homeowners are considering granite worktops for their kitchen or room, but the price of the granite worktops is always something to take into account. This Natural material is not cheap, but there are some factors in every project that compose whether the granite kitchen worktops price will be slightly expensive or may be very expensive. So Today Now Let’s explores those factors.


Granite Worktops Cost Factors

As we’ve maintained in these posts, granite worktops prices for the kitchen material and granite installation range of about £350 per square foot up to £355. That’s a broad spectrum! And that’s the factors affect the price you’ll pay for granite worktops.

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The Grade of the Material

There are four typically grades of material.
  1. Closeout/Clearance
  2. Builder’s Grade
  3. Premium
  4. Designer
You Know what? Each and every vendor uses their own specific brand labels, but we share those terms that will give you an Effective idea of what you’ll find. Let talk about all these typically grades: grey-granite-worktops-uk


It is usually fairly and plain without much of the pattern of lines and that's disassembled one slab from another.

Builder’s Grade

  1. It’s often granite with the same quality as clearance, but still, it just hasn’t been introduced to the sellout category yet.
  2. And these are prefab slabs for off the shelf installation rather than custom or crating cut worktops.
  3. We don’t write off the builder’s grade and Clearance because It can be very beautiful material.
  4. And those customers who desire the more understated look will love it.
Premium and designer
  1. They both have very expensive stuff. Mostly they are using on those custom jobs where needs the slabs are beautifully fabricated for special or expensive projects. ‘
  2. In This Natural stone, you’ll find the different patterns of lines of Stones as well as colors. And this Quality of that Natural stone makes unique.
If you understand clearly so that compared with plainer grades then you’ll understand easily and clearly the higher cost of this Natural Stone. Now you must be thinking it’s so easy to select granite kitchen worktops. But we clear you that Now we talk about the complexity of the job.
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So, the complexity of the job is the number of seams, corners and the different types of edge is the major factors that complete the degree of installation difficulty of this Granite Kitchen Worktops. And not only is the most complex there are:
  • less the labor part of the job will cost
  • U-shaped counters with multiple seams
  • And the difficult to cut edge that is the costliest.


Who is installing the Granite Worktops?

Now if we talk about installing the kitchen granite worktops first one cheapest option is to do it yourself. Of course, if you’ll only save your money if you are able to do the job appropriate manner without any damaging of the material between the work processes. And if you hire the labors for installing the granite worktops an appropriate manner so that we share this will increase the 50% of the total cost and maybe its 20% to 25% is more the average Depending on the grade and the material of granite kitchen worktops.

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When you hire to install the Granite worktops so, our advice that hires the licensed contractors supplied by full of home interior designer generally costs the most.

Designer and DIY In both of these, your granite worktops options include a handyman skilled handyman as well as the supplier of the Granite material. You just consider hiring an experienced licensed and insured granite kitchen worktops installer.

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Who You Work with

You should work directly with the expert and best supplier of the home material who costs less than getting your countertops through an interior designer or ant custom builder. Why? Because, this process might be saved as much as 25%, though 15% is average in your Bill Slip.

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Now you must be thinking about Prices of Granite worktops so, not worry about that let’s take Overview of the Granite Kitchen Worktops. These prices are by the square foot of finished Granite Worktops:
  • Pre-fab slabs, easy, DIY: £ 300 to £ 330
  • Custom slabs, easy, custom edge, supplier installed: £ 340 to £ 370
  • Custom slabs, moderate, custom edge, supplier installed: £ 370 to £ 390
  • Pre-fab, easy, handyman: £ 310 to £ 300
  • Custom slabs, moderate, custom edge, designer-sourced installation: £ 350 to £ 360
  • Custom slabs, complex, custom edge, designer-sourced installation: £ 350 to £ 380
This price is an overview of the starting on top but when you start choosing granite, Maybe you’ll find the best lowest prices list when you get some several estimates from the suppliers and contractors.
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And be sure to see each and every material is offering at that price. If possible take pictures in order to compare the material grade of each side by side.


For an overview of buy granite worktops, see our website where we offer the Kitchen Granite Kitchen Worktops.

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