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granite kitchen worktops

Granite Worktops are attractive and reasonable

If you are making plans for a new or updated kitchen, you may additionally be thinking about Granite Worktops UK Prices. Granite is a product discovered all over the world. One of the most famous materials for countertops, it is used in lavatories as properly as kitchens. The rate you pay will be determined in section by using the kind of granite you prefer.

Granite countertops improve the appearance of a kitchen and the price of a home. Design magazines endorse granite for resale value. Home adorning shows the use of granite liberally in kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. A resolution of customized granite countertops in London provides designs and coloring to select from. Granite countertops are sturdy and effortless to clean. They are additionally resistant to heat. Maintenance is effortless as granite does now not scratch. Selecting granite coloration for kitchens quickly improves the average completed seem of a domestic either through contrasting cabinetry or matching walls.

Your budget will most likely have a bearing on the kinds of granite countertop that you will want to consider. However, preserve in the idea that you can choose from an extensive resolution of fine materials; granite slabs are available in-house or from a slab yard authorized by your installer. Once you have chosen the type and color of this great kitchen or toilet addition, you will acquire a fair, honest price. After your order has been placed, you can expect set up inside ten days to two weeks—and then it is time to start playing your beautiful new countertop.

Depending on the measurement required, a slab can cowl various surfaces. A range of preferences ought to be made in putting in or upgrading to granite worktops. A finished kitchen is certain to be purposeful and stunning for many years.

granite worktops london

Make Your Kitchen Look lavish with Granite Worktops

Granite is possibly the most widely used material for kitchen countertops. This mottled appearance of granite displays a beautiful array of colors and patterns that works just fine traditional and transitional themes. Each piece of granite is unique, so you also bring in this exclusivity to your kitchen when you opt for this material. Additionally, splashes, nicks, cuts, heat marks, etc. do not show up on such surfaces, and hence, wear and tear are less visible on granite countertops. On the downside, granite needs to be sealed well to avoid stains. The material is also extremely heavy, so it can only be fitted over cabinets that are strong and sturdy.

Choosing a worktop for your kitchen seems like a child’s play but it’s actually a much tougher nut to crack. Whenever we decide to give our beloved kitchen a makeover, the first thing we do is to visit a local store to see whether they have something to soothe us or not. In some cases, we are not satisfied with the quality or the design of worktops and materials. After that, we visit various sites to see which worktop will suit our personality and taste.

As mistakes are meant to commit, it doesn’t mean they are done again and again! People often hurry or do not consider while buying worktops and countertops for their kitchen.

Well, whenever we plan something to buy, it starts with deciding the budget. Figure out what amount you are ready to invest in worktops and then ensure you select one that lies in your budget. But, if you haven’t decided on the budget yet, then consult an interior designer, professional kitchen designer or a worktop expert to give you suggestions suiting your pocket.

Never take hasty decisions, whenever in doubt, feel free to ask questions to consultants and experts. With the above-mentioned things, you can learn a lot and understand how important it is to observe before buying worktops for your kitchen.

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granite kitchen worktops uk

Reasons to go for granite worktops

Countertop remains an inherent element of any kitchen whether big or small. But you can come across numerous kitchens where countertops don’t exist. They are of great use especially for people who tend to spend a great amount of time and effort in their kitchens. And when it comes to choosing the best countertops for that space, granite worktops top the chart.

But have you ever thought why they are a good choice in the case when there are various low-cost options available? Granite is found to be slightly expensive in comparison to other materials that are used for designing kitchen worktops. Look at major reasons given below and you will be left in no doubt that granite tops.


Granite grows naturally and this is why you will every slab of granite different from any other slab of granite. This results in the uniqueness of the granite countertop. Once you go through all the options, you will understand why this reason is described.


This is certainly the most important factor that makes this option the most effective one. Once you have one of the granite kitchen worktops fixed in your kitchen, you can be rest assured about not replace them for years.

Easy Maintenance

Another great aspect of these worktops is that they are easy to maintain and upkeep. Due to their smoother surface, it is extremely easy to clean them. In case of a liquid splash on countertops, a mild detergent along with a cotton cloth is enough to wipe off the dust from the surface. They are stain-resistant so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

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Why a choosing quartz worktop is a great choice?

The time has vanished when there were very few people aware of quartz worktops. However, today, this status seems to change a lot. Over the last 50 years, the material has developed a strong reputation being a high-end surface material. Let’s get to know more about quartz.

Quartz is primarily regarded as a hard, man-made countertop material mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms. It is an agglomerate of stone-alike materials bound with resins and pressed into sheets. It outperforms natural stone due to its zero needs of sealing.  Its resins are the sealant. It encompasses a few imperfections because its manufacture is controlled. Marquee's brand names include Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone. The closest rival is a material called solid surface, as both employ stone-like materials. Not to be confused with laminate, a material mainly composed of wood.

Even if you are not aware of quartz as a name for this material, you may be acquainted with its more straightforward name:  engineered stone counters.  Quartz worktops can be found in both homes and offices. These countertops are 93% stone-like materials and 7% binders that are either plastic-like or cement-based.

The astounding looks of quartz worktops make it an awesome choice for users. Contrary to laminate, quartz features a deep, almost three-dimensional appearance, similar to natural stone. Quartz is very hard and makes for an excellent work surface. It is mostly composed of minerals (contrasted with solid surface counters which are about 33% inorganic binding resins and 66% organic minerals).  Laminate in no way other quartz in this area, because of laminate’s wood base layer, which gives it a hollow feeling.


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