Cooling Ways of Diesel Genset

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Cooling ways of diesel generator set

There are two common ways of cooling diesel generators, air cooling and water cooling. It is the same principle as the engine. Both use the fast-heating and highly fluid substance to take away the temperature in the environment to control the working environment temperature. Water cooling is mainly performed by a water circulation system. The water pump draws cold water into the cold water pipeline and takes away the heat through the water flow wound in the water cooling pipeline on the equipment.


Air cooling is generally installed in the generator room ventilation system, through the exchange of hot and cold air to control the indoor temperature, there are four common ventilation systems:


1). Normal ventilation system: For the ventilation of generator room, it is generally the ventilation volume of 10 to 15 times of ventilation, and only exhaust fans can be set; if there is gas for water supply and drainage, this system must also undertake the exhaust system after the fire extinguishing.


2). The generator process inlet and exhaust system: The generator itself has a large exhaust pipe, which is the generator's own. It only needs to cooperate with an air shaft. At the same time, the inlet system is designed to supplement the exhaust air volume and the combustion air volume of the generator set.


3). Generator exhaust gas system: It involves environmental protection issues, usually called “smoke exhaust pipe”. The generator comes with it, and the electrical standard atlas has a special well for the system. In fact, it is difficult for the engineering design and construction to have so much open space. Most are discharged from the generator exhaust shaft.


4). Exhaust system of oil storage room: It can be used with the usual ventilation system. At this time, the branch pipe leading to the oil storage room is equipped with check valve and fire valve; it can also be set up a separate system and adopt explosion-proof ventilator.


3. Matters need attention

1). Diesel generator room shall be equipped with the gas fire extinguishers. Solenoid valves shall be set on the inlet and exhaust channels. When a fire occurs and the gas fire extinguisher starts, these valves can be closed to ensure the fire extinguishing effect.


2). Exhaust smoke of diesel generators is pressure exhaust smoke, high flue gas temperature, high air velocity, and flue gas needs to be discharged at high altitude. The flue pipe should consider heat insulation, at the same time need to set up shock absorber hanger.


3). Ventilation door or shutters plays the role of isolating the machine room from the surrounding environment. The operation of opening and closing shall be controlled by the running state of the generator set.


4). The movable ventilation door installed in the machine room in cold areas should allow the airflow in the machine room to recirculate, so as to heat the machine room during the cold machine, thereby improving the utility of the unit.


5). In areas with a cold climate, not only should pay attention to the cooling and ventilation of diesel generator set, but also make corresponding insulation measures for standby and rarely-operated gensets. It should also be noted that, for a standby generator set that is automatically put into operation when the main power fails, it is usually necessary to install a standard thermostatic controlled immersion cooling water heater.


In actual use, diesel generator sets need to work in a certain temperature environment, the working environment has a certain degree of ventilation, so it is necessary to ensure the ventilation requirements of diesel generator sets.

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