Contributing to a sustainable future by adopting Solar energy

by Mayank Sharma A market analyst with deep inclination towards tec

A famous quote says, ‘Best things in the world are free’. Well, the saying was right, however, we are today paying for each of them and, the amount is huge. The reason behind calling it huge is not just the monetary spending done to acquire and use it, but the way we are leaving negative impacts on the planet.

While water pollution and its scarcity are quite common to read these days, we are here today to understand the way ‘need of power’ and our increasing use of it is taking us away from a sustainable future.

It’s time to get aware!!

India is a developing nation. The needs of the country are way different than of other developed nations. Having said this, adopting solar energy isn’t just crucial to contribute to a healthy planet but we also need it to energize remote rural locations that are still struggling to have power. According to a report shared by the Indian Government, the country’s solar installed capacity reached 37.627 GW as of March 2020.

In a recent interaction with Romit Patel, director of Surya Solar waters, said, “We have noticed a rise in demand for solar solutions across not just individuals but also corporates. During our tenure of over three decades, we have served more than 12000 clients and the demand is constantly increasing.”

While there are increasing demand and the need for solar products, still a major section is untouched. “The major reason that most people are still not adopting solar energy is the lack of knowledge” Mr. Romit further added in his interaction.

Acknowledging the same concern. Let’s highlight a few points that share the direct and long-term benefits of adopting solar as a preferred mode of energy.

1-      Renewable source of energy: The most important of all the benefits is that solar energy is a renewable source of energy. It is available across the globe and every day. There won’t be any day that the planet will run out of solar energy (unless it’s the end of the planet). Having said this, we can stay assured to have sunlight for at least coming 5 billion years (that’s what is expected life of sun is according to scientists).

2-      Reduces Electricity Bills: Needless to mention that using solar energy will reduce your electricity bills. Every second day we come across news related to increasing charges on electricity consumption. With solar energy, you just have to pay a single time fee of purchase and installation. Rest you can stay assured to have the calculated power for the rest of your life. Not just this, if your setup is producing surplus energy, you may receive payments against it. It just has to be connected to the grid.

3-      Diverse Applications: The energy can be used for diverse purposes. You can utilize it to either generate heat or electricity. Solar energy can be an unmatched way to produce electricity in the areas where there is no grid, it can be used to distill water in the regions that have limited clean water supply, and to power the satellites in space. Sounds interesting!! Don’t you think so?

4-      Low cost of maintenance: They don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, you need to keep them clean, which allows them to absorb maximum sunlight. And when we sat cleaning, we mean a couple of times in a year. While this mustn’t be a tedious task, also, their reliability can be evaluated with the fact that some of the trusted manufacturers offer as much as 20-25 years of warranty.

5-      Technology Development: The best part about technology is that it is an evolving process and at every step. Solar energy has traveled a long way and there’s no doubt that in the coming future there’s much more to come. Innovations in nanotechnology and quantum physics can perhaps prove to be a milestone by increasing the effectiveness of solar panels, taking it to almost making the electrical input three times of what it is today.

Before Signing off

I won’t say Solar is the future, instead, I’ll call solar energy as the need of today to prevent our future. There’s vast information present online and the government is also promoting the use by providing subsidy and various other benefits. It’s time we start living our present keeping in mind the future. 

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